Opening yourself up to the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is always there. The Holy Spirit wants people to be happy, help others and do good things. The trick is to be able to listen when the Spirit is trying to get your attention.

Quiet Time

For many people, finding the time to pray and meditate is extremely difficult. It is a noisy, bustling world. So, one of the best ways to be led by the Holy Spirit is to make quiet time for prayer and meditation daily. You might actually have to schedule your prayer time. This might seem strange, but like all important activities in your life, think exercise, doctor’s appointments and so on,  you should make the effort.

During prayer time, turn off your cell phone, television, computer and anything else that will distract you from being led by the Holy Spirit. It’s surprising how much noise we contend with on a daily basis and how we don’t realize how noisy it is until we shut it all off. Giving yourself a half an hour a day for quiet, be it just that, quiet, or prayer and more than likely you’ll open yourself up to being able to hear the Holy Spirit.

Conscience equals the Holy Spirit

Some people call the little voice in their head, that helps them make choices, their conscience and others see it as the Holy Spirit. Whether you call it your conscience or the Holy Spirit, listen to it. When a red flag shows up in any situation, you’re probably being guided by the Holy Spirit. Don’t fight it off. Open your ears and your heart to what the voice is saying because more than likely this is the Spirit. And if you don’t listen, chances are you’ll make a wrong choice and end up sorry you didn’t listen later.

Good deeds

If you’ve ever had a moment when you did something for someone else when you weren’t planning it, this is probably the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit really wants us to do good deeds for others. 

So, when you said a kind word, lent a hand to someone in need or went out of your way for someone else, you were being led by the Holy Spirit.

Joyful feelings

Have you ever woken up and just felt totally in the groove and joyful for no apparent reason?  That’s the Holy Spirit, too. Joyful feelings and happiness are the Holy Spirit’s doing. At other times, when you could choose to sulk and be sad and you decide on happiness, that’s the Holy Spirit for certain.


When you’re struggling during any given day, ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart, soul, and life. Without a doubt, if you ask the Holy Spirit to show you the way, it will happen. Everyone has moments where they just want to scream; instead of screaming, say a prayer asking for help. It really does work. You just have to remember it might not be immediate but keep asking and your feelings will turn positive, sooner or later.


The reality is that the Holy Spirit is there, even when you aren’t listening. To be led by the Holy Spirit you just have to be open to it. Even when you’re doubtful, keep praying and inviting the Spirit into your life. Eventually, it won’t be such a struggle to know you’re being led. It will be easier and easier to recognize when the Holy Spirit is close by and leading you through the day if you just keep yourself wide open to it.

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