Prophet Muhammad the Ideal Role Model


Allah (god) says in the Koran:

“Indeed in the messenger of Allah you have for you an excellent example”

In the above verse, Allah tells us that he has sent Mohammad (peace be upon him) as an excellent example for us. We should try to follow our prophet’s example in every aspect of our life.

Allah has sent down Mohammad (peace be upon him) as guidance and as a role model for the entire world. Allah has groomed and moulded the prophet (peace be upon him)’s life to perfection. There is no room for improvement in Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Our prophet possessed qualities of excellence, beauty, kindness, generosity and many other good qualities. If we relate to his life, we will find that our prophet was uniquely fashioned by Allah and n other man possessed such qualities.

Allah did send many prophets and groomed them to perfection but Allah only sent them to one nation so that they could relate to his life like the prophet Moses was sent to the Israelites so that they could relate to his life. The prophet Jesus was sent to the Christians so that they could relate to his life but the prophet Mohammad was sent as guidance for the whole of humanity, for the people who were in his time and for the people who came after him.

Mohammad (peace be upon him) is a perfect role model for the youth, for the old, for the sisters, for the poor, for the rich, for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Our prophet (peace be upon him) was a very patient man. He suffered the loss of his mother at the age of 6, his wife Khadijah, many of his daughters and all his sons, but he still kept faith in god an moved on in life.

Mohammad (peace be upon him) was very forgiving. When Hind chewed the liver of his uncle Hazrat Hamzah he forgave her.

Any human can relate to and acknowledge the beautiful character of Mohammad (peace be upon him). The Non-Muslims used to say:

“As much as we hate him there is not a more honest man than Mohammad (peace be upon him).

The beauty excellence of a man is what his foes can acknowledge and not his friends. Abu Sufyan once went on a business trip to Syria and met the king, Hercules. Hercules asked him a few questions regarding the prophet (peace be upon him). Even though Abu Sufyan was an arch-enemy of Islam he praised Muhammad (peace be upon him) so much that at the end of the conversation Hercules said if I could reach him I would immediately go to reach him, and if I were with him I would certainly wash his feet.

This is the attitude Mohamed (peace be upon him) presented towards Non-Muslims that they had no choice but to praise him. This is the same attitude we should have towards Non-Muslims. He never hated a sinner but he hated the sin.

Mohammad (peace be upon him) taught us to treat all the people the same. The rich and the poor. The young and the old. The male and the female.

The Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Our prophet presented to us a life full of happiness, hardship, humor, sadness, suffering, forgiveness, honesty and modesty.

At the time of the conquest of Makkah when Mohammad (peace be upon him) entered Makkah as a conqueror, he had an excellent opportunity to take revenge, but rather he humbled himself and only thanked god for the victory. This shows Mohammad (peace be upon him) did not have one iota of pride in him. This story is the perfect example for kings and queens.

Our prophet (peace be upon him) was an excellent tutor. He was very successful in attracting people towards him because of his gentle and compassionate matter.

Once a reverted Muslim started talking in prayer. This was after the prohibition of speech in prayer. He says all the other companions of the prophet started staring at me and one of them told me to keep quiet. After the prayer ha finished Mohammad (peace be upon him) called me, he did not ridicule me, nor embarrass me, nor disgrace me or victimize me, but in a gentle and polite tone, he informed me that speech in prayer was now prohibited.

Our prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)’s life is a perfect example to lead a spiritual, political, economic, and social life, Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the best permanent role model for every single human in every single generation to follow. We should try to implement the life of Mohammad (peace be upon him) in our life. He taught us how to deal with complex situations in our lives.

The lifestyle of our beloved prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him):

Talk softly. Walk humbly. Eat sensibly. Sleep sufficiently. Dress properly. Act fearlessly. Work patiently. Think truthfully. Believe correctly. Behave decently. Learn practically. Plan orderly. Earn honestly. Spend intelligently.

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