Runes Explained


The ancient origins of runes are shrouded in a secret past, but the practice of reading them has experienced a popular revival.

Runes are a sacred writing system used throughout Europe and the United Kingdom from around the time of Christ unto the Middle Ages. They enjoyed a re-emergence in the 20th century as runes became the subject of both academic and occult studies.

Runic Symbols and Characters

Runemasters inscribed symbols written in runic characters on stone and metal, but would also hide secret, mystic messages in the text. They employed them for magical purposes that hold a great deal of interest for us today, which is why people with an enthusiasm for this special knowledge are attracted to them.

More than simple letters, each of the 24 symbols-or staves-in the runic alphabet has certain unique meanings, representing a distinct concept such as fertility’ or strength’. Vikings used them as charms. You can use them as an effective tool for divination when placed next to each other in certain patterns, or as an effective tool in meditation, helping to focus your mental energy.

Runes have a wide variety of meanings, and today you can benefit from this ancient skill to guide you through challenging situations, to help you achieve balance and to seek inspiration.

The Symbolic Power of the Runes

For centuries, Scandinavians understood the symbolic power of the runes and how each sign reverberates with specific energy, which can be used to restore harmony with the natural world.

The Vikings believed that everything in nature has a spirit that can be communicated with-and runes, as signifiers of these spirits, can help reconnect us with the natural world.

Your personal rune can help to illuminate your strengths and weaknesses.

One of the best ways for beginners to approach runes is to draw one at random from the set-this will become your personal rune. Examining the differing meanings of your personal rune can provide insight into your state of mind.

As your familiarity with runes increases, this single rune reading can provide a quick and basic overview of an entire situation.

Runes can’t give you yes’ or no’ answers as other forms of fortune-telling can, but rather provide those seeking guidance with a fresh perspective of the situation in question.

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