Sagittarius Celebrity Cocktail: The Cocktail Holmes

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Sagittarius Cocktail

Happy Birthday Sagittarius, the largest sign in the zodiac. Not necessarily in size, but definitely in personality. I like to refer to those that fall under the sign of the half horse, half (wo)man as “party-hunting centaurs.” Because they love a good time, Sag is one of the funnier signs. They’re known for their larger-than-life appetite in any of the following areas: booze, spending, sex, travel, knowledge, food and religion… depending on personal preference. Hedonism is the name of their game and they like to push the envelope. Some would say they go too far.

There are so many famous Sagittarius’ performers that it was hard for me to find just one to hone in one for this month’s column. But I finally decided on the most unlikely of centaurs: Katie Holmes. She happens to be on fire right now if you hadn’t noticed–ablaze to match her fiery Sun sign. Other fiery Sags’ include Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Snookie, John Stewart, Anna Wintour, John Galliano, Julianne Moore, Prince William, Anna Nicole Smith, Jil Sander, Tyra Banks, Julianne Moore, Kim Basinger, Raven, Ozzy, Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, and Molly Cyrus.

The typical Sagittarian desire for adventure and travel was obvious in Katie’s move from her hometown, Toledo, to the hit TV show, Dawson’s Creek. Post Tom, I feel like Katie is reemerging as the Sag she was always meant to be. Katie has an Astrological aspect in her domestic sector (Scorpio near her 4th house) that makes her an intensely private person and extremely dedicated to her family. That speaks volumes for her decade of silence. Her marriage to lovable control freak Tom Cruise took her into a deep cover mode for about ten years, but it also made her into what she is today: the most famous girl next door in the world. And despite her shy and quiet reserve, don’t let her fool ya… girl luvz fame. Completely at home in the limelight, Sagittarians are not usually shy–especially Katie. She has both Leo rising and Leo in her Moon, so this girl’s a star at heart and in her chart. It’s hard to argue with Astrology and Leo is a megawatt sign to have in one’s chart, especially if one happens to be an actress. In Astrology, the Moon sign indicates what one NEEDS emotionally in life. Like breathing oxygen, if you don’t get what the placement of your Moon says you need, you simply won’t be able to exist. Having Leo in a Moon sign position indicates the desire to express creativity and receive recognition. Leo in a Rising sign position commands great attention and receives it in return. Ms. Holmes has both of these aspects. And from what Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson said of Katie, I believe it: “To meet her is to instantly fall under her spell.”

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our little solar system. It’s big–it is in excess of size. And that is a trait of anything ruled by Jupiter. The cream is the fatty excess of milk… it’s excessively rich, thick, and fatty. Therefore, cream can be considered a Sagittarian ingredient and one that’s called for in the Cocktail Holmes. Because it’s that Sagittarius time of year again when we go home for the holidays, we’ll likely find fruitcake on our plates and here’s hoping you find it in your glass too!


  • 1.5 oz Fruitcake-Infused Rum* (sub spiced rum)
  • .5 oz Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka
  • 1.5 oz chilled Earl Grey Tea
  • Maraschino Cherry
  • Cream Soda
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Coconut Creamer

Shake fruitcake-infused rum, Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka, Earl Grey tea, two dashes Angostura bitters, splash coconut creamer over ice and strain into ice-packed glass. Top with cream soda, stir and garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

*Fruitcake Rum Infusion: Lightly toast 1 tbsp grated nutmeg, 2 sticks cinnamon, 3 whole cloves and add with 2 cups raisins, 2 cups sliced carrots to 750 ml dark rum. Allow to sit in dark place for a week or two weeks. Strain into final storage container.

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