Sagittarius as a friend with Scorpio

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Sagittarius and Scorpio are the two most dynamic sun signs in the zodiac. Both the signs are confident, independent and straight forward personalities. Their friendship can be full of practicality, adventures, and creativity. While Sagittarius are composed and balanced by nature, Scorpions are little secretive and mysterious as compared to their Sagittarius friend.

Scorpio can bring the much-needed fun and excitement along with some mystery in their friendship while Sagittarius can bring stability and practicality in their relationship. Since both are straightforward, they don’t hide their emotions or feelings from each other and as a result, they hardly engage in any fights or arguments. Even if it occurs, they tend to solve it amicably.

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius want to explore and experience different things in life. They both are very loyal and intense towards each other and strive hard to make their bond much stronger all the time. They also appreciate each other company and always admire and learn from each other whatever they could.

The archer strives hard to change from one plan to another and the scorpion must give the archer this freedom. Sagittarius, on their part, would admire Scorpio’s determined and focused nature. But they could also teach Scorpio, that at times, it’s better to be flexible than stubborn. However, the most interesting aspect of a relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius is their diverse nature and the variety and security that comes with it.

Once they really comprehend each other, they would realize how compatible and balanced they are as friends and a meaningful relationship forms between them.

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