Cancer as a friend with Aquarius

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Cancer and Aquarius are two of the most compatible sun signs in the zodiac as far as friendship is concerned. While Cancer is calm and composed, Aquarius love peace and holistic living. These qualities surely complement each other quite well. They can create amazing chemistry with a high degree of understanding and communication.

Since one is practical and other is calm, there are very fewer chances they may even argue or fight in their friendship. In fact, they can share creative ideas with each other and be on the same page. They can even be great business partners since both are stable and practical-minded.

Cancer will always give the best advice to Aquarius to take the right decisions while Aquarius may teach Cancer to be more patient and Holistic towards life. Cancer and Aquarius are both very stubborn and ambitious. However, both the signs hate any enemies from each other as well as from the outside world. The Aquarius friend is conventional, has good solving abilities and does not mind monotonous or daily regular work.

The Aquarius friend is unconventional and finds regular work tedious and tiresome. Cancer friends are fascinated by Aquarius, but find difficulty in understanding them completely and this may sometimes lead to misunderstandings in a rather smooth flowing friendship. Aquarius love the emotional support provided by Cancer but dislike their sensitive and possessive nature. The most striking factor about a relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarius is their tremendous combined strength when they work together. Once they settle their differences and co-operate each other, they balance each other wonderfully and form a deep, dynamic partnership.

Patience, understanding and co-operation are the key factors in their friendship if they want to achieve a stable, loyal and long lasting friend.

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