Scorpio as a friend with Gemini

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Gemini and Scorpio are two of the most contrasting personalities in the zodiac. For their friendship to blossom, there definitely needs some time and development. While we all know Gemini is secretive and mysterious by nature, Scorpions are straightforward, bold and composed people with a little tinge of temperament issues.

Gemini may get intrigued by the calm and composed nature of Scorpio while Scorpio may get attracted and impressed by the intelligent and witty nature of Gemini. Gemini friend can often look for totally different things in life. The Gemini friend has to work hard to give stability and safety to his Gemini friend while providing freedom and space to the other. Then they could form a meaningful and exciting friendship, as either friend has a lot to give to the other in the friendship. Initially, Gemini may find Scorpio too demanding and temperamental. Gemini just has to be patient and eventually, an interesting friendship would be created between both the friends.

Gemini may also sometimes get offended by the secretive nature of Scorpio while a Scorpio may sometimes find Gemini to be hiding too much from him due to the Gemini’s secretive nature and this could lead to misunderstandings in their friendship. Scorpio and Gemini approach life in totally different ways. Scorpio people are calmer and more practical-minded, while Gemini is more academic and more intellectual.

Gemini may dislike the plain, simple life of Scorpio and may find it boring while Scorpio might dislike the fluctuating and secretive attitude of Gemini. Scorpio can push Gemini to be more involved in life and introduce them to a wider and deeper aspect of things in life rather than view them from an only academic point of view, while a Gemini could bring excitement and fun into the otherwise simple and monotonous life of Scorpio.

Hence with little patience, understanding and time, their friendship could become a very long lasting and a loyal one.

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