Spiritual world is real


Everyone knows what natural sight is. Spiritual sight is less obvious but just as real. Angels revealed themselves many times throughout the Bible. Why not today?

When a Christian experiences the rebirth associated with the spiritual transformation that takes place when he or she accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and the Holy Spirit begins to feed the growing process that has begun, they become increasingly aware that the natural world and the spiritual world exist side by side and actually overlap and interact.

Natural sight works in conjunction with the senses of hearing and feeling to allow humans to safely navigate the physical world.

Once they become adequately equipped to sense the spiritual interactions going on around them, Christians will also rely on their newly-acquired spiritual sense of sight to survive in this new realm that they now realize they are part of.

The spiritual sight has some similarities to natural sight.

Natural sight can shift focus in an instant from things far away to things close up and natural sight will detect movement or motion almost automatically and bring the brain’s focus instantly to that event.

Spiritual sight can focus on the thoughts in the Christian’s mind that are being transferred from the spiritual world to the natural physical world. Spiritual sight can, with the help of the Holy Spirit, reveal to the precise meaning and understanding of God’s word as written in the Bible. Spiritual sight can also allow a Christian to see when Satan or evil spirits aligned with Satan are trying to put a division between them and God.

Spiritual sight is a stronger sense for some Christians than others.

Christians who for one reason or another are engaged in spiritual warfare can develop to the point that they can sense the presence of spirits attached to or affecting others. Some can even see those spirits.

To be born again means a Christian becomes an active participant in both natural and spiritual realms simultaneously and natural senses are necessary to navigate the natural world and spiritual senses are just as important to navigate both natural and spiritual worlds from that point on.

Before being born again in the spirit of Christ, the spiritual world existed, but those that were living in the darkness were totally unaware. Satan had them blinded so that they believe the natural world and the things of that world were all there was and all they needed.

Both spiritual sight and natural sight are a part of human existence and both are crucial for the successful achievement of the ultimate destination all humanity is meant to attain; that being eternal life with Jesus.

While living the natural life on Earth battles with the enemy will occur. Satan never gives up trying to lure God’s children back into his camp. Two things are crucial to avoid being tricked and deceived. First, spend as much time alone with God in prayer. It is during these times God will speak. Second, stay grounded and trust in the word of God. Ephesians 6 teaches everything needed to win against evil. The Word of God will always defeat Satan.

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