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A lot of readers find the subject of the Bible a little uncomfortable and question, in their disbelief of God, the relevance of a book like this in their lives. Many readers may also question the author’s right to review such a book. The importance of telling people a little more about how it can enhance their lives is far more important.

Having researched a lot about what people think of the Bible, there are those who bore people to death with origins and theories, and even those who believe that the Bible actually proves that the Trinity is questionable. Research it yourself and you will see what is meant by that. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have you ever helped out a stranger?
  • Have you ever been helped out by a stranger?
  • Have you ever questioned life-changing events?
  • Have you ever believed that there is no God?
  • Have you ever believed that God is indeed a reality?

Whichever category of person you find that you are, the Bible has relevance for you. It is not a book that is easy to read like fiction, and one of the most relevant things that you read in the Bible is that people are not supposed to translate the meaning of the Bible. The last page says that if you add to it, so will bad things be added to your life, and if you detract from it, so will things be detracted from your life. This is a pretty hefty warning as to what the Bible is about, and a lot of people seem to have missed the point here somewhere.

To believers, the Bible is a menu for life.

So you don’t believe that man was made and then woman created from the rib of a man, but have you ever thought that the book could have been written in a demonstrative way, demonstrating possibilities, from the creation of a human being right through to death?

There are unbelievable stories within the Bible, ones that make you question the validity of the Bible, but if you get things into the correct context, the stories that the Bible unfolds relate to everyday events, and have morals that are undeniable, although each individual has to question those morals and see which ones are relevant to his or her own life.

There are many pictures conjured up by the Bible of war, death, the wiping out of all the inhabitants of the Earth when the world was flooded and when Noah took his ark with creatures of all kinds on it, adrift on the water until the storms had passed. The pictures conjured up by these stories are the ones that count, more than the actual story itself. This story was a story of how God forgives.

At the end of the storm, he wanted humankind to be sure that he would never do that again and gave them the gift of a rainbow. How would this relate to your life? It does unquestionably relate to life. When you question events that happen in the world, and then a couple of months later see a rainbow, questions are answered. God is still there, looking after you, even though the world may be seeing disasters and wars that make a believer doubt.

This book is one of the greatest books ever written, a combination of writers, some taken from spoken word, but it is not the contents that matter. It is how, over the period of more than 60 to 70 years, humans have sought solace in this book, and have usually found the answers to questions that baffle them about their own small existence on this Earth. For instance, why do people have different languages and problems with a misunderstanding between different races?

There is a wonderful demonstration of how human beings became too big for their boots, and that language and race was introduced to show humans that the picture was bigger than them, and it certainly is. What people did with that difference in cultures, languages, and colors is the fault of human beings, rather than any act of God, and the Bible in its story of the tower of Babel makes the whole concept of language and race understandable.

The answers are within the pages of the Bible

No matter how small or how large your problems are in life, and no matter how insignificant you feel in the order of things, all answers to all questions within your life lie within the pages of the Bible. Of course, churches and religions have translated the Bible to suit themselves from time to time, although that was human error, rather than an error in the book itself.

Frequently in life, you may have sought help from priests and vicars or even village nuns, and they cannot adequately give answers. You may even find yourself more drawn into the fact that you know without question: The true answers lie within the pages of the Bible, waiting to be discovered.

The author’s father was a great believer in God and never questioned his existence, even though he was a scientist and had no scientific proof of the existence of God. The Bible was very important to him, and he guided the author through the King James Version, which is now held in a leather-backed version, available from Which version to read is always baffling, as there are many available, though this version rings with a particular familiarity.

There are many questions that you may have to ask the Bible and, over the period of your life, all questions will be answered if you have an inquisitive mind. The poetic value of the Bible is unquestionable as well, and you can find hope within the pages of one of the world’s most important books.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41.10

Before you dismiss it as not being relevant to your life, the question is not whether you are religious. The question is “Do you seek help at understanding the very roots of life, and the ways in which your behavior during the short time that you are here in Earth affects the balance of every person and every creature you come into contact with?” All of this can be found in the Bible.

There are thousands of reviews on the Bible all over the Internet. What is different about this article is just that it is a personal view. The writer has lived a life that insists on questions, a life that many can only imagine, and some cannot even do that. Within seeking answers, this book has been a menu for life and contains much to learn, much to understand, and perhaps most will never fully understand the menu. This is one book that every sighted person should have on his or her bookshelf and every blind person hears read aloud. It is within the pages of this book that human beings gain a better understanding of their place on Earth and the purpose of their lives serving.

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