The Great Commission: Disciplining nations


Jesus commissioned the Church to disciple the nations. The meaning of this commission has been lost to much of the modern church.

We have mistakenly translated this as go and make converts in all the nations by getting people saved. Or we realize that discipleship is necessary and we have new converts go through discipleship. The Church has been doing this for centuries, and nations are still not what one could call discipled.

There are a few voices in the Church teaching on what it means to disciple nations, to bring cities, states, and countries into the Kingdom of God. One prominent voice is Lance Wallnau and another is Myles Monroe. These guys are sharing something fresh for the Church to hear. They are teaching how to take Kingdom principals and put them into practice in “secular” situations such as in universities, businesses, governments, jails, militaries, police departments, high schools, elementary schools, etc.

Nations are not disciplined just by getting people saved.

Texas has the most churches, ministries, and Christians in its state and yet the culture of Texas is no more Christianized than another state without a heavy population of Christians.

The message of the Kingdom, when preached, is not getting past the church doors. The only time it emerges is when it is through direct evangelism methods which are frequently only relevant to those who are already saved or already connected to a Christianized culture.

Wallnau speaks of Christians entering the high strategic places of culture and influencing the environment in their reach from the top down. Once the environment, the culture, has been shaped, salvations will happen, but even greater nations will begin to look more like the Kingdom of God. This will not happen by force, but by an infusion of the Kingdom of God.

Where the presence of God is, there is liberty.

In the past, when the Church has tried to rise up and be vocal in the community, we have done it through a show of strength or criticism of the current culture and leaders.  This cannot be our method. We must be people of love that walk in Kingdom power and authority, not by might or coercion.

God is calling His people to a greater level of community.

He is calling us to be a part of our local church and to work out of that place of the community into the larger culture in which we live.  In this manner, we will begin to bring the Kingdom to the nations thereby fulfilling the commission given to us by Christ.

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