The importance of church for children


People have different views on the topic of taking children to church. Church’s are not perfect just like everything else. It seems that people think the church is a hypocrite, but if they truly knew what going to church, and being a Christian is they might see it differently. Because of this view, they refrain from going or taking their children. It is a place for broken people to come together and worship and learn of their wonderful God.

Children should have the opportunity to experience this for themselves.

The church is a part of history, and to really learn what church is you need to attend, not just listen to stories. Children go to school to learn. They learn about all other religions and many other topics. People go to church to learn about God. Sunday school is a place for children to learn about God, and the Bible, which are things they are not being taught in school. How will children truly be able to know what they believe in or do not believe in without being given the opportunity to learn about each thing?

For those who are not “religious” and don’t agree with the church, they should send or take their children to church and let their kids decide on their own what their beliefs are. If you do not believe God is real, then what is the harm in letting your child learn about Him?

If He’s not real He can’t hurt them. But if He is real than He has something wonderful to offer them. If we really want our kids to have minds of their own, then we need to let them experience things, and make first-hand decisions. Many children are never allowed to experience church, and make their own decisions about it, because of the experiences or nonexperiences of the parents/guardians.

Some people may have been hurt by the church, but you must know that the church is not God.

The church is full of human beings, that are sinful and flawed like everyone else. The church is not a place for “perfect” people, because there are no such things as perfect people. But it is full of people who see their imperfections, and desire with all their hearts to become more like Christ, and less like the world. The church is (this may vary from church to church) a place of safety and love. Children and adults can learn what real love, care, and serving are. They can connect with others, and have good support of Godly people. This author loves that her children have great classes full of kids their age. They are taught Bible stories, singing, how to sit and act in a group setting. It’s a safe place for children to be both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

With all of this being said, children should be taken to church until they are of an appropriate age to decide for themselves if they will continue going or if their beliefs or lake of beliefs lie elsewhere.

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