The Importance of Tantra in Hinduism


There are several forms of tantra in the Hindu religion: Shaiva, Vaisnava, Ganapatya, and Shakta as a few examples. Tantra is what you call your esoteric traditions in religion such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and various other forms of religion. Also, religious tantra is practiced according to the location. Buddhism is a prime example as it’s a predominant religion in East and Southeast Asia.

Buddhist Tantra

Buddhist tantra is different in different countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and so forth. Hindu tantra will probably be different in the different regions of India.

Tantra is the traditions of continuity that can be done every week, every month, or every year. But it’s very popular amongst faiths originating from Asia let alone India. Tantra originated in India which plays a significant importance in the faith of Hinduism.

It can be defined as the Asian body of beliefs that we must ritually appropriate and channel of the universe in many ways to free us. Tantra is a set of traditions to help us release that energy. It can also play into sexual stimulation, sexual intercourse, and sexual pleasure such as the Kama Sutra which originated from India. But in general, practitioners follow the tantra to release the energy within humans to become emancipated of free.

Hinduism Tantra

Tantra in Hinduism is interconnected with the pilgrimages, ceremonies, festivals, and traditions. It exists as the expression of ceremonies and festivals. There is the talk of sexual rites in Hindu Tantra as the exchange of bodily of sexual fluids as a result of intercourse.

But tantra in religion let alone Hinduism is a routine that is used to release the built-up energy to free ourselves. Anything routine can be considered as tantra. Yoga, for example, is a form of tantra. Overall, any ritual or tradition in Hinduism can be considered as tantra.

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