The mentoring of young Timothy


Being a mentor is a powerful way to influence the behavior of young boys. Scripture teaches the value of being a good example to others. Remembering that he once was subject to the mentoring of Barnabas, Paul uses this approach with young Timothy who is very timid.

Mentoring Timothy begins with the exhortation for teaching.

Paul instructs Timothy to conduct himself in a Godly manner in every aspect of the ministry. Teach good doctrine. Remain true to the faith you had an opportunity to learn from your mother Eunice, Grandma Lois, and of me. Stir up your faith. Conduct yourself worthily in public, maintain discipline, and keep your mind on Christ.

Paul instructs Timothy that his character matters and that he is responsible for maintaining his integrity.

Although hard trials come and you undergo severe challenges, remain faithful to the doctrine of faith. It is Paul’s contention that strict adherence to the principles of God will eventually pay off for young Timothy. Therefore, Paul instructs Timothy to “endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Timothy receives encouragement from Paul to push past the rejection, heartaches, and pain and seek to share the love with people. Keep your focus on the tasks you must complete, and remain faithful to the cause.

Imagine a young timid boy who is apprehensive about teaching older people and facing the ridicule and scorn. Paul advises Timothy to find that inner strength that comes from knowing the teaching of the Bible. Stay in the fight. Do not give up because people are against you or they turn their back on you.

In essence, Paul instructs Timothy to strengthen himself by strengthening to follow the truths he has been taught. Do not forget your upbringing and do not forget why Jesus hung on the cross to die for the sins of all humanity. Make sure the teaching of the Gospel remains true. Continue to believe and do not allow the light that is in you right now ever go out.

There is no question of Paul’s love for Timothy. This love is evident in his teaching him of the responsibility he has to God. “Preach the word,” Paul says “be instant in season and out of season.” The ultimate aim of the instructions Paul give to Timothy, is too remain true to what you believe.

Paul teaches universal truths to all Timothy’s of this world.

The main thrust of the instructions to Timothy is to study so you will be able to provide the right solutions to the dilemmas that people entangle themselves in while living their lives. Your ability will become more effective if you hold true to the things you study. Remember the teaching of the Bible. Live the truth you espouse to others. Let people see God in you. Love them. Do not judge them. Timothy is to face his situations as one who knows the truth.

Lastly, the teachings or instructions Paul gives to Timothy are also instructions to all ministers and members of the church. Examine yourselves in light of the word of God and you will see how you measure up to the standards of God. Wherever you see you fall short, that is the place you must work on to become a better teacher, leader, and person in the work of the Kingdom.

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