The Mysteries of Karma Revealed


The Shocking Events Of Mass Karma Affects Everyone

What is our karma from the world today? We are all linked together and bound by common fate and by our own thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. We totally affect our own lives and this helps us bind or liberate the world at large.

The more spiritually civilized we become, the more we will be able to control nature. There are over five billion individual minds through which energy flows. When energy flows and is channeled, whether predominantly good, neutral or evil it is what determines if we live or die. The masters say when materiality predominates in men’s consciousness an emission of subtle negative rays with accumulative power disturbs the balance in nature. That is when earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and all of these disasters happen. God is not responsible for them. Men’s thoughts must be controlled before nature can be controlled.

What is the difference between karma and fate?

Karma is not fate; fate is when you are not making any spiritual effort and therefore you are totally manipulated by mass karma. Not only you do have your own karma, but you also have the city karma in which you live and the state in which you live, the country in which you live, the planet, the solar system, and the galaxy. There are at least another fifty of the various types of karma which affect our lives. All people are subject to mass karma as well as individual karma. Any earthquakes, wars or natural cataclysms are the results of mass karma that may affect many whose individual karma may not warrant it except that they were in that environment and you can not avoid mass karma unless you make a deep spiritual effort. Only then you may be spared. For instance, Hurricane Katrina was no accident or act of God; the earthquakes in Pakistan and China were no accidents brought on by themselves. For example, if you live in California you can be certain that you will be affected by an earthquake, small or large depending on the cycle and other factors. Do you want to be stuck in the middle of a large earthquake, or some other type of natural disaster? Of course, you don’t, so now you must make the effort to avoid being caught up in one. How do you avoid mass karma? You must disconnect yourself from what other people are doing, that’s all. The great masters say that seclusion is the price of greatness because you begin to remove yourself from the mass karma which can explode at any time, or anywhere.

We are told of weapons that control our destiny.

This world can be blown up and we could be destroyed or not. The accumulated evil actions of all people on earth are weapons a million times more powerful than the atomic weapons of the Russians and the Americans. Evil actions are stored in the ether as hidden vibratory bombs to explode in the form of natural and national calamities. Until people correct their own behavior and thoughts, wars and natural catastrophes will continue. These events are brought not by fateful divine actions or simply by geological faults, but by widespread material selfishness. The masters tell us we have two thousand more years of wars ahead of us. But if we stop this individual, industrial, political, and national selfishness globally, we will have no more wars. A few years ago a man drove his car into twenty people in Westwood near the UCLA campus. Some people who were in Westwood at that time got killed and some were untouched. What were they doing there? They were magnetically drawn by specific karma. Here is how you can protect yourself from future accidents. Just one word of God may save your life. When you get into your car say these words, “my Lord I have not forgotten you.” This could save you from a fatal accident waiting to happen to you.

Here is a perfect example of how this works.

During the civil war, a group of Union soldiers became separated in the south forest. One side was in the south and one side was in the north. Now the south had to find a way to cross the north to be able to find the other group that was there, but they did not know the password of the day so they asked for a volunteer who had very little chance of survival.

The group of soldiers told the volunteer to try to get through when the sentinel calls so he could get to the other side and to just remember that there is very little chance for survival. The men crossed to the north and arrived at the sentinel’s post and before he said a word he did the sign of the cross, and guess what, that was the password of the day because General Boregard happened to be a Catholic who made that the password of the day! Because of one last thought of God instead of death, he was given life. This is a true story.

Everything in the universe is integrated with magnetic laws that work with mathematical exactitude as long as you are in ego consciousness. Anything can happen to you at any time. Anything you cognize outwardly leaves its vibration within yourself. People get raped, beaten up, robbed, or whatever calamity arrives into their lives because they have drawn themselves there. Many people love horror movies, don’t they? If they go to horror movies long enough, often enough, they will have made a deep negative blueprint into their subconscious mind. People who like violence, are going to get violence as they automatically draw themselves into this situation. The company you are with is stronger than willpower, mostly the mental company you entertain with your own thoughts and feelings.

Did you know that when you watch horror movies like the Exorcist your subconscious mind assimilates what you are watching as real? You can attract negativity to you and rekindle those hideous evil thoughts in your subconscious mind. People are totally unaware of the fantastic programming that takes place in their body cell structure. Watching murder and violence can trigger tendencies of violence from the subconscious mind. You can say to yourself it is not real; it is just a movie. But you do not know, the moment you begin to watch movies like that you actually become receptive to the entry of negative forces to you. All evil has intelligence for it works itself into the minds of people through false reasoning. Some people said they burned a holy candle to protect themselves from danger while watching the movie The Exorcist. This is called false reasoning.’ There are evil tendencies within the subconscious mind like ticking bombs you do not want to re-energize.

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