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The National Catholic Register is a weekly newspaper dedicated to the happenings in the Catholic Church according to the Vatican incentives. Their mission “.  . . is to provide a perspective on the news of the Magisterium. We assist Catholics in engaging the culture with confidence in the saving and sanctifying Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Although it has been around since 1927 when Msgr. Matthew Smith of the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado first started this Catholic Newspaper. His purpose was getting the news out to the public that they could easily understand, could relate to and facts of the church that would keep them learning and becoming better Christians.


In 2011, on February 1, The National Catholic Register became part of EWTN, A Catholic television station started in 1981 by Mother Angelica. It now a global communications network of television and radio with the highest rating of all global religious broadcasting. Its reach is to 140 countries with its direct satellite television and radio broadcasting.

The Register has been around in the past 80 plus years but has managed to survive. Inspiration for its first edition “grew out of Denver’s Register which began in 1924. In 1927 it went national. By 1950 the paper had 35 different “diocesan editions” with a readership of more than 700,000. By 1970 it was on a downswing in subscribers and Patrick Frawley purchased it and began publishing the Catholic newspaper in Los Angeles, California. Still, it had problems of survival but was saved by investors who moved it to New England. Then it’s the newest home, EWTN in 2011.

Current circulation

Today, it’s the handiest and most newsworthy of all Catholic newspapers. It can be read on electronic readers, subscribed and received by snail mail once a week, read online, read by email, listened to on EWTN radio, and of course shared by friends and neighbors.

What makes it such a delight is all happenings that are important to mainstream Catholicism is brought to the attention of its readers. They miss nothing important and on special occasions such as the Lenten season, Christmas, Easter and special feast days within the church there’s always special news relative to the times.

Internet offerings

From its a website, across the home page these offerings to peruse: Archives, Blogs, store, Resources, Advertising, jobs, and radio. What a well-rounded group of activities for those who not only read the news of happenings and what others are thinking, but the Register stays with the reader through their workweek. As an example, if they are in businesses relative to their religion: nursing home, schools, health care, selling of religious items, etc, they can advertise in the National Catholic Register.

What has been written in the weekly paper can be reread. All article is archived. As an example, if one wants to refresh their memory of some Catholic Church activity, the Archives are there to bring back the original article so one can refresh their memory.  The truth of what has been said and written is an important part of Catholic life. In these days of controversy and Catholic Church bashing, it’s important to get the facts straight. It’s certainly annoying to have written something factual and straight from the heart and then have the words misquoted. The Archive, therefore, is a handy source of often setting the record straight.

Job searching is another area of importance for those who are looking for work. And another valuable source of the online paper is a place where to buy rosaries, books, and other religious items. All in all this versatile Catholic newspaper has something for everyone, even those who are not Catholic but who want to learn more, or who may want to sample the life and thoughts of Catholic believers.

How to subscribe

The best way of subscribing is online. They offer three free issues and then and only then can you decide if you want to commit to reading the paper long term. It’s best to search out their website and to see for yourself their offerings. Another way of keeping in touch is by electronic readers. It only cost 99 cents a month [from Amazon] to receive blogs daily from The National Catholic Register. There is no better bargain around. There too, you can read a sample for free.

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