The Role of Karma in Choosing ones Parents


The family was originally created by God, as a spiritual relationship between God and his creation, and so the typical family human, or even including here the animal kingdom, still has this same general principle behind it, and so driving it.

A family is a creation literally from the parents, but ongoing from the contribution, and input from all of the members.

For a family to be a good family, all members must pull their weight, recognize that they belong to this family, and will be forever a part of it. With this in mind, it is interesting to research then, your own family tree, with an idea of finding where you fit in more exactly.

Were you born as a part of a large family?

Has this trend and pattern continued with your own parents, and so where in the family do you fit in? Do you fit in? What characteristics can you identify in you that are similar to someone else, in your own family tree?

And so the family is about accepting your role position and trying to identify your role more directly for you. And then it is about being, and finding your real self, within these parameters, and roles that have been given to you, and so set up for you. All of this is not by chance and has happened for you, and to you, to give you the actual traits, and exact requirements of hereditary patterns, all necessary to fulfill your own path, within this family path, that you have now been born into.

Researching way back into your family history, you might make some interesting discoveries, indeed. We all usually have been associated with the family that we belong to now, before in the past, at least karmically in some way. And if you try to ascertain the different roles and characteristics, and personality of the past members of your family tree, you might suddenly find that you have a real attachment and reaction, to a certain member, and so your place now will feel more real, and a true one for you, more and more. You might begin to feel the karmic sense of belonging and attachment, to your own family

Families build themselves through centuries of connection, and you were put into this family, because you have similar issues and lessons, that you all will be going through together.

Nothing is coincidental, all work for all, and for the overall good of the all.

And so families are certain souls, gathered together where the karma warms the love, so to speak so that the love makes the blood thicken for the members, and a bond of mutual respect is established to allow the maximum growth of each individual through this contact, with the exact souls, that will allow this growth to take place, in the best possible way, for all concerned.

Families are then karmic, but at the same time a lesson in love, and so showing us that we are connected entirely by love, and by being, and remaining all parts of God’s creation, together. We really are all in this, together.

The Specific role that karma play in choosing our parents for the ensuring incarnation

Is it true that we really do choose our parents, or are they chosen for us? And so maybe then, we only have the choice to agree, or not to agree with this selection. Where does free will fit in here, in relation to all of this?

Karma has nothing much to do with anything really, except for that effect and influence on you, which you have allowed it to have, as an effect, from your own past actions. Do you choose your parents, or do they choose you? Does anybody choose anything at all? All karma that comes to us is only ever really a result of our own previous choices in our lives, as well. We are solely responsible, for everything that happens to us, because we have the free will, which gives us this real choice, always, whether, we are consciously aware of this choice, or its ramifications and connection to Karma, or not.

Well if you are working under past karma, a situation will need to be set up to allow this karma to be resolved in some way. The complete choice is only available to one operating entirely under the love and free will, and so karmically free. Anyone operating under the laws of karma is limited, and the law will fulfill itself by choosing the parents, and the situation, for them. The best possible situation and circumstances will be chosen for you, that allow for the best chance in your coming life to learn about love, and so resolve the karma that has come to you, solely because of the need to learn more about the aspect of love, that you have so far neglected, and have refused to learn about.

The only ones that choose consciously and awarely their own parents are the masters such as Jesus, but even they have an agreement with the parents concerned, and so allow the receiving parent the free choice, to be their parent or not, beforehand.

Love is operating at all levels, and love is not a choice, but a way of living.

Any need to make a choice, only shows that you are choosing, or trying to choose from a level, other than complete unconditional love. Love knows, and does what it does, without choice. It always follows itself, and flows with itself, and knows itself, and trusts itself to always go where it will go, and needs to go, the most. Love, has no choice because it has every choice possible within it.

But it always just follows itself, and loves, as always its first choice. This is the way of God, and if we can all love like this, karma could never touch as either, as total unconditional love always is its own law, and so operates outside of all other laws, including the Law of Karma. But all other laws are contained within it, under the one great law of Love. This is summed up by the admonition Jesus gave to us all,

“to just love one another, as I have loved you”.

Or to put it even more succinctly, in even fewer words,

“Just love.”

The Continuing paradox of love

Love, just love, and stop thinking about it, or asking for explanations, or asking too many questions. Just love, that’s all.

Love, by loving, don’t stop to think about it. When we stop to think, that’s when karma comes along, and attaches itself to us, because we have allowed ourselves to move away from the continual flow of love, and so Karma catches up to us, as we slow down, to allow it to. All karma is only a result of our own actions, but when Karmic Law is operating in our life, it limits our actions, takes away our choices, and will keep us bound to it, until we stop worrying about it all, and just accept it all, and so go back again, to love it all. At which stage, karma will then start to loosen its hold, and so having served its function, it will start to drop away again from our lives, as we are then again following love, rather than our Karma.

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