Thoughts on Devotion to a Guru


Ahh the GURU..

It is true that many people, especially in the West, have no idea what a GURU is and what his/her purpose is in that present lifetime. Just as many other ancient wisdom teachings are misunderstood by the masses(and mostly still kept secret), so is the function of the GURU. Worldly consciousness always interprets the messages of spiritual realities in a very mundane and materialistic way (have you observed religion?). The word or NAME GURU is not just an eastern word for teacher. A GURU is not just a well-learned teacher of spiritual tradition. That is a Shankracharya (-Sanscrit- for well-learned teacher of the particular tradition). A GURU is something much different! A “real” GURU that is..

The name GURU (Sanscrit) can be translated as “giver of Light” or “dispeller of darkness”. So already that tells you there is more to this than just ideas, beliefs concepts, philosophy or tradition.

(The ancient spiritual version of Sanscrit is the most amazing language which corresponds to Light. Hebrew and Arabic correspond to the element of Fire. These pure sound formulas of the ancient version of Sanscrit, Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin can help one connect to the Divine Name of god because the name and the named are One. Sound and light make up the muti-dimensional reality we live in. That is why the GURU understands the necessity to chant beautiful and melodic mantras to Deity. Sound is a powerful creativity. Devotion through chanting to Deity is a means of purifying your feeling body. Once the vibration of your feeling body is raised sufficiently (through pure sound -vibration- and engaging in feelings of love and devotion) you can actually start to let in the Light! The use of MANTRA’s and all the other meditation practices given by the GURU to his/her disciples is actually a very advanced science that the ancient have always known about and that our society and science today are barely starting to wake up to..)

The true GURU is not bound by a particular religion.

The true GURU actually embraces all the major religious streams and teaches the seed truths from all of them and sheds light on it from their own connection to the LIGHT, from the Living here and NOW. What is important is that if one has a living GURU here and now there is a transmission of Light he/she gives you (a fine light that is impacting on the level of the soul constantly) that helps you on your path to the Great Awakening. Along with that is a knowledge stream that teaches you about the path from the perspective of cosmic consciousness. That is a great help alone. Real understanding.

If you have always asked questions that the church or other religions simply cannot answer?

Well, find yourself a real Esoteric Spiritual teacher. A GURU. Not many of them, but they are standing out a little more these days because of the immediate spiritual thirst of humanity.

I must say that devotion to your GURU is a must ONLY because when you really discover what your GURU is you will realize that it is what he/she represents and exemplifies that you are being devoted to it. Not the individual or personality. It is what he/she embodies that is actually what you and I are in Reality and are striving from within to become, to wake up to, so that we can Be IT at the same time as having a body to walk in and do things have a personality to use and create with and be free to always walk with god, not bound by our imperfect limited-form-existence, free from ignorance and darkness.

The GURU’s greatest wish and life’s purpose is to help their human family wake up to see the multi-dimensional-LIGHT-reality and to feel the Love and Bliss that is REAL to them and all around us all the time. They feel the sadness and pain of humanity just as Jesus does, as BUDDHA does and as our Lady does. They spend a tremendous amount of life force towards the works of the Divine Kingdom on earth, such works behind the scenes that even their disciples are not aware of. My point is.. even the churchgoers and high priests of Jesus’ time didn’t recognize Jesus as anything other than a mere personality of skin and bones. The Life of Jesus was an amazing and powerful happening on the internal structure of the planet. Jesus said, “I have come to bring Light to the world”. The Buddha- the word BUDDH means bright Awakening or explosion of Light in your consciousness.

A true GURU is one who is a messenger of that same Christ principle, having a conscious direct connection to that LIGHT, and working from that LIGHT as Jesus and all other AVATARA’s did and do.

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