Understanding the Vedic Astrological System


A couple of weeks ago I stumble upon the Vedic Astrological House System, through a software that helps a person determine which houses make up their personality. And to my surprise, I must say that it really works.

Vedic Astrological House System

The Vedic Astrological House System also know as Sidereal House System is made up of twelve houses each with its own purpose and meaning. In India, there are two types of Vedic Astrological House Systems the North Indian Chart and the South Indian Chart. Both are extremely different from each other.

3 different groups in the Houses in the Vedic House System

The Houses in the Vedic House System are broken down into three different groups each with its own meaning on how it affects your life. They are The Angular Houses, The Succedent Houses, and The Cadent Houses.

The Angular Houses refer to all things which are personal such as your personality which makes up the first house. Your house and surroundings make up the fourth house. Your spouse and the type of love life you may have to make up the seventh house and your career makes up the tenth house.

The Succedent Houses are linked to the Angular Houses

This is because the Succedent Houses are the gains which come out of the Angular Houses. Wealth and the types of earnings you will have will come from the second house. The number of children you will have in this life will come from the fifth house. The type of death you will experience will come from the eighth house, while the type of business you will have and the amount of friend gain will come from the eleventh house.

The final group, The Cadent deals with all things external which will affect you. The type of siblings you will have, are dealt with in the third house. Your enemies or what type you may have will be dealt with in the sixth house. Wealth and fortune will be dealt with in the ninth house, this is also connected to the second house. While the twelfth and final deals with spirituality and enlightenment. It is said that those who are strong in this house ends up a priest or spiritualist

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