Why does Islam Forbid Magic and Sorcery


The first thing you must acknowledge is that Allah (swt) is in complete control of all things. He has no partner and we are not to associate anything with him. Therefore, when condoning such a thing as magic or sorcery you only stand to intervene in the way of his works. It is not acceptable in Islam because this would be like saying, you don’t think Allah (god) is doing his job, so you look for an intercessor. There is no halfway belief or a part-time believer in this world. You either believe to the fullest extent or you don’t believe at all. Believing to the fullest means that everything your life consists of is inspired or altered around Allah (swt). What you eat, what you see, how you speak, the reasons why you do and don’t do things. All this is proof of how strong you believe in his existence.

No magic, sorcery, psychic readings

When calling on something else other than Allah (god), whether it be magic, sorcery, psychic readings and such, means you have devoted your heart to something else rather than him. This can be seen as some idol worship, placing a partner with him or believing in creation rather than the creator. These things are used as evil works and to trick the heart and mind into believing that they can alter your life.

That of which only Allah (god) has complete control. He blessed you with free will to make decisions according to the knowledge you obtain. Knowing he gave you the gift to speak, the gift of sight, the heart to feel without physical touch and the mind to absorb the instructions on how to work all these things, it is by your own choice whether to have full belief in the one(Allah) who has given you all these wonderful gifts or place something else in his position.

No magic nor sorcery bought you in this world!

No magic bought you here, no sorcery created your life or anything involved in it, so why would you turn to magic OR sorcery to fix it or for advice on how to contain it. Normally if you wanted to find out how to fix something or how to properly operate it you would go straight to the source and find out who the maker was and follow his directions. There is no difference in this situation. Therefore, you should seek no other help, no other guidance, no other assistance in any form or fashion other than the one(Allah) for the organization or altering of your life for any reason. The fact of the matter is… nothing in this entire world can take the place of Allah (god), so don’t put anything else in his place!

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