Why virginity is important to keep?


Virginity is a blessing and something to have, so as to give and share with someone special and decent. It is important to keep one’s virginity, for someday you will find someone who will appreciate it and love you forever. It takes doubts away, removes hate, resentment, and jealousy. You are faithful to each other, have just each other and have nothing to hide at all.

Love is what makes you keep your virginity. It is your first time and you have someone you want to share it with, someone to enjoy it with forever; you don’t need anyone else.

When you keep your own virginity, you avoid unnecessary craft and deceit so as to exploit another; instead, you rejoice with others like you, who have kept themselves, too.

Virginity keeps you sane; it keeps you out of a need to hurt and harm others who are keeping theirs for someone they love and for whom they care. It is a most loving thing to keep one’s virginity so as to give to someone special to enjoy it with you. There is, in fact, nothing so good as being a virgin and giving it to someone you love very much.

Virginity is underestimated, but when you have not saved yourself, the results are quite deadly, for there is the tendency to want to destroy others who have kept theirs and who are absolutely loyal.

Virginity is ultimate, it is everything, and when you keep it, you keep yourself out of ultimate trouble that destroys and eats you up terminally. It is important that parents teach their children from an early start to keep their virginity, pointing out the results, pointing out the major crashes that may occur.

You don’t want to breed a child who turns to every means possible because they have no virginity to give to anyone else, thus wanting to harm and destroy others who have kept theirs.

Virginity defines your entire lifespan, it defines your future, it is simply everything, and you cannot afford to lose it because of future consequences.

The blessings of virginity are:

•Honesty and freedom of speech
•Faithfulness and security
•Love and enjoyment of sex
•Passionate lovemaking
•A good companion
•Someone to laugh with always
•Someone to reveal all your fears to
•Communication and understanding
•Less to worry about. Why worry about my virginity when you have yours!

Virginity keeps you confident and assured

Virginity keeps you confident and assured, and the only worry you would have is someone who is trying to harm or question your integrity. Virginity is important in a marriage, and it prevents affairs and extramarital relationships. You have yours, you are contented, you have followed the wisdom of your parents’ advice, so you have no reason to want to climb on anyone else just to split their marriage up.

You are proud of yours, you will give the world to save your marriage, you will do anything only because you started out together, from the scratch, from the beginning, so it should be worth it. Without being a virgin, you will find that you have absolutely nothing but trouble.

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