5 Top self help motivational books by influential authors


Self-help books have regularly made an appearance in the best selling lists of non-fiction. Some of the top-selling self-help books of all time have become classics and continue to inspire many of those who read them.

The following five titles are top-selling self-help books by authors who are regarded as being highly influential. Their books have helped to motivate millions of readers, by providing self-help guidelines for life.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

This book was first published in 1936 and has sold over 15 million copies. It was one of the earliest self-help books to become a best-seller and it established the reputation of Dale Carnegie as a self-help expert. His ideas continue to be relevant for people seeking guidance in their personal or professional life.

In his book, Carnegie discusses some real-life examples of influential and popular people. He also sets out a number of principles to follow. These principles cover techniques for handling people, making people like you, winning people around to your way of thinking, and becoming a leader.

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey

Since its publication in 1990, this book has also sold over 15 million copies. The seven habits identified by Stephen Covey are still relevant today, and continue to help people with solving their personal and professional problems by developing good habits that are physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Stephen Covey identifies the benefits of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Covey explains how the ability to listen allows people to learn things they could not discover for themselves. Effective people are proactive and they have the ability to envisage what they cannot see with their own eyes. Life management is defined as being a co-operative strategy, never a competitive one.

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

This book first appeared late in 2006 and has now sold over twenty million copies. The book has also been translated into thirty different languages.

Rhonda Byrne is an exponent of the law of attraction and the belief that whatever is desired can be attained using the energy released by thoughts and feelings. She explains how it is possible to be a magnet for the creation of personal wealth, how relationships can be completely transformed and how to attract good health and wellness.

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” by  Susan Jeffers

This book, published in 2007, has made Susan Jeffers an internationally renowned author. She reveals that it is possible to overcome fears and anxieties, shows how anger can be turned into love, and how to turn indecision into action.

Susan Jeffers provides her readers with insight into handling difficult situations. She shows that it is possible to move away from emotional pain and despair towards a position of power, energy, and enthusiasm. Her book covers such topics as public speaking, becoming more assertive, decision making, issues of intimacy, career changes, coping with being alone, growing old, bereavement and dealing with the break-up of a relationship.

“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is the best-selling author of motivational books. He has been listed in Time Magazine as one of the top 100 Most Influential People in business. His books reveal the psychology behind entrepreneurship and identify moments that lead to success in life.

“Blink” refers to a thought or idea that springs instantaneously into the mind. The book illustrates how intuition can lead to greater success than lengthy deliberation. A more accurate assessment can be made from seeing the expression on a person’s face, which indicates an instant reaction, rather than relying on a long discussion with that person.

These top-selling self-help books have proved to be popular because the authors have researched the psychology of success and have discovered what works when it comes to overcoming difficulties. They cover emotional, personal and economic issues, and provide guidance that can be used for self-help in business, self-improvement and dealing with all the emotional aspects of life.


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