How to stop blocking your inner voice


Every person has got an inner voice. How can you find it, what is it, and once found, what possible use can it be for you anyway?

The inner voice of your soul is different from the inner voice of your soul when it is being linked to the holy spirit. To be born again, gives a fresh voice to your soul, and this can be heard as God’s message for you, but which will do you the most good when you listen to it and follow it.

If you are not born again as yet into the holy spirit and live as yourself in sin still, the voice of your soul is somewhat muffled, as it comes through to you. It can still speak to you of higher things, but it can be influenced by other souls, or spirits, or even the devil, and so the only authentically proven real way to listen to the true voice of your soul, as it is being inspired by the holy spirit, is to dedicate your life outwardly and inwardly to God.

Never allow any other voices, opinions, or ideas implanted into you by others to drown out the true voice of your own soul.

Never start doubting the existence of God. Doubt kills the inner voice because doubt has such a loud voice of its own. All you hear are your own doubts, and these will so often then drown out the inner voice that is always talking to you in the background. Not always of course, and never forever, because your inner voice will always find another way for itself to be heard by you, and to get its real message through to you in some way or another.

If you fight against listening to your inner voice, you give the outer voice more power, and so then you will be stopped from listening to your inner voice even more.

Fighting anything strengthens nothing but fear because all fighting is fear-based. Love never fights, it just is, it listens, and it tries to be one with you. Love cannot fight itself.

There are many ways in which you can start to take greater notice of your inner voice.

When you quieten your outer mind through meditation, you might just begin to hear your inner voice speaking to you at times. Another good method is journaling. You can write down a question to your inner self, and then by relaxing your mind, try to let the inner voice write its message to you. Yet a third method is to begin to note down your nightly dreams. When you do this, you might begin to see similarities and patterns in some of what is coming through to you in your dreams. Your soul or higher self often might try to tell you something important from a dream.

Be Aware of Inner Messages

A fourth method of becoming more aware of inner messages is to just try to see messages in daily life events. A car pulls in front of you, or you are delayed from getting to work on time, by a canceled train, for example. All of these types of occurrences are talking to you because all is connected. Everything is connected to everything else. Everything happens for its reason. Everything is trying to show you something. Everything is a growing opportunity.

There is a lesson of love coming to you from out of every life experience that you will ever go through. Look for this love, and when you find it, it will contain a message linked to it, and which is coming to you from your higher self, as well.

What can a person do to help themselves to hear their own inner voice, and to find the right voice, amongst all of those other inputs, such as those coming from their ego, mind, and emotions?

Embrace Love

They need to embrace love in their hearts. They need to allow the voice to filter itself through the love that is there.

When the love in your heart feels the truth in that voice, you will know it is that not coming to you from your ego, or from your mind only just making it up, but that it is authentically real. You will know this because your heart is the seat of God in you. It is the powerhouse of God’s love that powers you, and which is situated there. Your soul links to love, and to God’s oneness, and it hears the voice of God, just as much as it links to his love.

The inner voice is often claimed to speak, not in words, but in symbols, or in other words, wordlessly.

Truth tends to be whispered in feelings, or in insights.

During meditation, you might get actual words, and also you do get actual words from journal writing. Any warnings often become louder if you ignore them though. This could result in our health deteriorating for example to such a stage that you finally hear the voice being reflected to you from your soul throughout your body, mind, or directly into your heart, about the way that you have been leading, or running your life.

This is why you should try to hear the messages coming to you from your higher self, the first time that they come thought to you. You should try to become more aware of what is really happening. You should look for the connective meaning that is always there for you to find within every experience. You should take notice of our dreams, trying to interpret them to find the messages that are given there to us, and you should begin a journal, and try to make direct contact with your higher self by doing so.

Inner truth spills over all of you, but when you neglect to listen and follow it, its message does get louder and louder, so that its vibrations then reverberate through all parts of you, until the message finally gets through, and you get the message at last.

You can find your inner voice, by first finding your real self, and then by being your real self.

Action Must Replace Theory

Finding is not enough though, action must replace theory. Start to take notice of your inner voice, listen to it more and more, and then begin to follow it. Just make sure that it is also being linked into the Holy Spirit, which purifies each message for you, making sure it is being empowered with the love of God.

Any message not couched with love is not worth the paper it’s written on, or worth holding in your brain for more than a minute, to ponder over, before you should dismiss it, and not follow it. This is because it is not a true message of God’s for you.

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