Vulnerability is building a bridge to a loving relationship


Being vulnerable is akin to opening up yourself for hurt.

No one wants to feel the pain of hurt. Those hurts, however, might offer you a valuable lesson in life and may even help you to appreciate people in your life more. Consider this, most people with vulnerable characteristics are usually patient, trusting and also forgiving of others. These virtues help to sustain a relationship. Sustaining a relationship will enhance your life.

There are people who jump from relationship to relationship because they have been hurt. They never got the opportunity to work out the kinks in their relationship. All relationships need dedication and work. Sometimes, you will have to put yourself in a position of vulnerability. This means trusting and being patient with how the relationship evolves.

There are no perfect people and no perfect relationships.

Acceptance is the key to a good relationship. These good relationships enhance your life and enrich your compassion for others. So be a part of the greatest circle in life. The greatest circle in life encircles love and acceptance of one another.

Give a friend the benefit of doubt or give them another chance.

In this scenario, a married couple has been married for many years. More than likely they have had an opportunity to experience vulnerability in their relationship. They may have had to be patient, trusting and forgiving to help their marriage succeed.

Those toasts given at fifty-year anniversary parties are for the difficult times the couple may have endured. Mother Teresa said,”I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.” In essence, love sometimes hurts. Yet, where would you be without love?

At the end of vulnerability, you might just find love.

Vulnerability is taking a chance on finding love. Yes, it’s a big chance. But well worth your efforts.

There are ways you may be able to guard against the hurt of being vulnerable. You can trust your instincts and make a proper assessment of the relationship and how it enhances your life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained could be your mantra. The vulnerability may lead to love. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable will enhance your life as you add the rich reward of loving someone in your life.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is building a bridge to a loving relationship. Surely, a loving relationship can only enhance your life.

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