God’s word Understanding faith helps you through hard times


Faith is a comforting belief in things that can not be seen and perhaps not proven. It is often a very deep belief with emotional ties. Faith is most often associated with God and yet you can have faith in other things. It is important not to dismiss the word as solely religious.

Faith is a very individual process.

The same is true of this article. It may not be the answer for all, and yet it is truly the answer for one. The only way to keep your faith during adversity is to understand what faith is and why adversity can not disturb true faith. The answer is education.

The purpose of the earth is that spirits or souls are able to have a body and experience life with these limitations. It is a learning time to prepare the spirit for what is ahead. It is temporary and as a whole, souls were looking forward to the experience.

The challenge that God gives humans in this experience is simply that they have free agency and a body.

The decisions and consequences are not determined by God, but by man. God does not create earthquakes, they are natural events in nature. This does not mean that God is not mindful, it just means there is be no interference. God will send love, give spiritual comfort, send comfort and communicate through the whispers of the heart and mind. And still, the decision to act on those experiences is up to the individual and sends ripples through the world.

By God’s own standards, interfering in natural consequences. It would make free agency nonexistent. Deity whispers and those who choose to listen make different decisions based on feelings, promptings and faith to follow the heart. God does not cause water problems or use vengeance. With the arrival of Jesus Christ, the son of God, came perfect forgiveness.

Even Jesus Christ had to experience faith.

There was only one time in his mortal life that he was true without the Father and fully human. Jesus has the power to come down off the cross and choose not to die for all. The choice had to be his alone based on his own free agency. Jesus felt great desperation when he was alone with his own free agency. He was so shocked he asked God why he had forsaken him. He then understood how it felt to need to make a decision alone and in faith. He had a true agency.

It is this very important example that teaches the purpose of faith in adversity. It is important to remember that God understands the turmoil and struggle that comes with agency and faith. The perfect prayer may just be “Please give me the strength to make good decisions, listen with my heart, and love unconditionally. Thy will be done with the courage to accept, nourish and comfort.” God has individual children (souls) who have unique things to learn. The world is prepared for all.

In adversity thank God for the opportunity to learn, experience and listen with the heart. Endurance may be the lesson you are learning. Remember that your situation is temporary.

God is keenly aware of personal situations.

He must allow his children to suffer and experience the world, just like parents watch a child fall down over and over as they learn to walk. God understands that a body is a temporary home for the spirit and much is learned from the experience. There is life after death. The things that the spirit required to learn are finished and they are needed elsewhere this mortal life ends.

Faith is the unwavering belief that all life experiences are important for someone. No one’s actions in the mortal sphere are solitary. Create meaningful ripples and help rather than hinder them. God does not create chaos. He allows natural consequences and inspires souls to help each other.

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