A look at Pagan Symbols and their Meaning


Pagan symbols are actually quite interesting and controversial as well. There is a confusion between many people as to what is Pagan and what is Wiccan; however, some are very similar.

There are five basic symbols in Paganism that all Pagans learn.

1. Earth

Earth is symbolized by a triangle upside down with a horizontal line 1/4 from the base of the triangle. It is also used to represent all things in the physical world.

2. Air

Air is symbolized by a triangle sitting on its base with a line 1/4 of the way up from the base. It is also used to represent all things in the spiritual world.

3. Fire

Fire is symbolized by a simple triangle sitting on its base and also represents the power and vision of the divine.

4. Water

Water is symbolized by a reverse simple triangle. It also represents cleansing.

5. Spirit

The last elemental symbol is resenting the 5th element. That is the Element of Spirit. By uniting Fire and Water – the power and vision of the divine while cleansing on oneself first; then you can begin to use and feel the power of the element of the Spirit.

Symbols for Blessing Rituals

This symbol is also used in the blessing rituals and is the basis of the pentacle many wears today. Although, the shape and design have been altered from the original version. Crowley was the first to alter symbols when creating his own version of the Wiccan symbol of the 7 pointed stars.

While there are literally thousands of symbols that have been attributed to Paganism, these are the only five symbols that consist in every ancient archaeological writing that can be found. Oddly enough, the symbol for fire and water are the same symbols that the ancient Christians used for blade and chalice and combining them to be the Star of David.

The Pagan symbols after these five are truly representative upon the path one follows. As said earlier, many Pagans adopt the Wiccan symbols, others Egyptian symbols and others Celtic. The meaning of each of these symbols, although could be considered Pagan in nature, are really symbols that are representative of the spiritual path. For example, the Celtic cross or the triple spirals or triple moons.

To many Pagans, however, the five simple symbols embody all other symbols and are all that is necessary for the simplicity of worship and ritual. The ancient man was not a complicated man. Life was simple. Beliefs were simple. Symbols were simple.

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