A Naturalistic Alternative to God no God


Perhaps the Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism debate could benefit from an infusion of new blood through the simple addition of Deism or Pantheism to the list of contenders. I see much more evidence supporting the idea of the universe as an organism and humanity its nervous-system, to steal a phrase from a philosopher whose name escapes me, than the evidence supporting anything else. I think the theistic model of a universe with some kind of omnipotent being at its core who looms over the human race reading minds, watching us copulate and crap and keeping score of it all is absurd.


Always the fickle one though, I’ve never quite bought into the cold, soulless universe of the Atheist either. As for Agnosticism, well, considering the Agnostic tradition of benign neutrality and it’s characteristic philosophical modesty, best displayed in the Agnostic tendency towards claims of ignorance in defense of its position, one might simply scratch Them from the list and open the spot to someone more willing to invest in the issue.

Give me a universe that operates on one’s behalf, not because of prayer or revelation or blind-faith but because that “one” has discovered its principles. Give me a universe that looks after it’s own affairs and has no need of a God. Give me a universe that has, over billions of years, evolved the organs of perception is needed to experience itself and WE are those organs. Give me a universe that functions as a schoolmaster, a laboratory, a womb, a cathedral, a lover, a museum, an obstacle course, a garden, a home and, ultimately, the most ornate mausoleum ever built. Give me the universe I live in now.

A quantum event

If you start at the subatomic level and work your way outward towards that great Macrocosmic horizon you encounter a multitude of forms and systems, interlocking systems it’s true, but no less distinct for all that. These countless systems, though separate, areas rigidly married to each other as the systems which make up the human body, maybe more so: A quantum event, it is claimed, can effect particles far removed from the event itself “instantaneously”, if not quicker. If so the universe already has hardwired into its design, the rudiments of a nervous system that, if fully evolved, could mimic the “omniscience” that Theists attach to their God. Maybe the universe would actually have become “god-like” once it evolved to that point but it would not be God in the sense that Theist or Atheists understand God. It would be Nature at her fullest bloom, it would be the universe creating its own context, telling its own story. And encapsulated within that Grand Story will be your story…and mine…without which the story would not be complete. Live well.

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