A Voice like no Other


People really do not know a person until they sit down and talk with them. Getting to know the Holy Spirit is the same way. An individual has to sit down and talk with him and get to know him on a one to one basis. There is no escaping the obvious. People cannot see him. People cannot touch him. People can only hear him.

The difficulty in getting to know someone that is invisible or untouchable is not as great as one might think. When people want to get to know that favorite singer, artist or writer, they observe their work. They take time to think about what the words or the picture represents. In short, they get to know them by reflecting upon how they inspire them to take action.

Getting to know the Holy Spirit requires an open mind, a desire to learn and a commitment to trust the teachings of the Bible. Learning in this manner allows the individual to dispense of all preconceived notions and to trust what comes to consciousness through this method.

Open-mindedness is a prerequisite to learning.

This is not asking individuals to accept what they discover but to give what they find a fair hearing. Seek the truth in the revelations that the study of the Bible reveals about the Holy Spirit. Staying open-minded means taking the time to read the Bible and being willing to deconstruct the text to discover the message before passing judgment. Be willing to examine the facts.

The teaching of the Bible informs the reader about his or her need for help in understanding; therefore, the reader needs to seek further evidence that what he or she may be learning is true. The first place to find evidence in getting to know the Holy Spirit is within the self. Getting to know the Holy Spirit requires a personal examination while seeking the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

Through introspection, one soon discovers himself or herself. The believer begins to develop awareness about what they think and why they believe the way they do. Then, the individual must take his or her values and place them in the context of the real world in order to discover how he or she relates to the word of God. The question becomes, through introspection, how did these beliefs and values evolve?

The inquiry into self leads to self-awareness, and this change of perception leads to a desire to learn more. Now it becomes important to understand that in the grand scheme of things, God sent the Holy Spirit to teach and guide those who believe in him through their thoughts. He does not force anyone to follow his guidance; he simply points the believer to the best path to take in life. It is up to the individual to choose to do right or wrong.

Discovering the truth in someone’s life may be unsettling, but to those who seek to understand the Holy Spirit, things become clear. He leads believers to the truth and when the believer learns the truth, he or she becomes free. The believer gets to know the Holy Spirit on a personal basis. They will hear him speak to their minds in times of need. They will feel his presence the more they seek to know about him. They will feel him watching over them and they will feel him comforting them when no one else is around.

Finding comfort in knowing there is someone who cares in every situation leads the believer to commit to trusting the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the believer’s experiential knowledge of the invisible hand of God working in his or her life that deepens commitment and trust. Right now, the believer does not understand why these things happen but does know that when he or she prays to the Father, in the name of the Son, something happens. The only explanation is through the believer’s experiential knowledge and through the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit, it does happen. The believer quickly discovers that the more he or she trusts him the more powerful his presence becomes. Yet still, the believer cannot see him or touch him, but they do hear his voice as he speaks to them.

Getting to know the Holy Spirit

Getting to know the Holy Spirit is very difficult for someone who does not believe in Jesus; therefore, it begins by opening up the mind to the possibility that God does exist and saying it with his or her mouth. The believer’s thoughts will precede his or her activity. The decision to accept or reject the guidance of the Holy Spirit is entirely up to the believer, but he or she will never get to know him until he or she opens his or her mind to receive him. When the believer receives his instructions and seeks to learn of him, it becomes easier to trust in him. Just try him. Get to know the Holy Spirit through reading about him, studying about him and praying to him.

Whether individuals seek knowledge about the Holy Spirit through reading the Bible, attending church or through Bible study, they need to be open to the truth. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the Father but through me.” Those who seek to know the Holy Spirit must be willing to take the journey into self. Getting to know the Holy Spirit will be difficult without understanding the underlying beliefs, values, and behaviors that form the basis of action. Therefore, getting to know the Holy Spirit is a personal journey that each individual must ultimately take alone.

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