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Many will ask, what is a non-denominational church? One reason would be that a non-denominational church is any church that is not part of a larger denomination. “A denominational church exercises some authority over churches that comprise (it), such as Southern Baptist, Episcopal, Wesleyan, Methodist, Roman Catholic and several others not mentioned.” Not like non-denominational churches, that go by different names and have a wide variety of beliefs and benefits.

The non-denominational churches, though, will vary somewhat. A major consideration is the freedom to direct the ministry and teaching of the church without interference or control from outside. The measure of any church, whether inside a denomination or out, is not how it is organized nor what name it is called, but rather depends on the faithfulness with which it adheres to the teachings of the Bible.

There is not one church inerrant. Believers need to be checking what is taught, and, if it is against the Bible, to be loving and patient to help give correction. If it is not corrected, then one should seek another church that is faithful and obedient to God’s Word.

The benefit of being a non-denominational church is you have not labeled another denomination when you do not want to label yourself. Much of what is referred to as “non-denominational” is actually “interdenominational.” Interdenominational accepts all beliefs, where non-denominational reject all man-made doctrines and strives to follow only what the Bible teaches.

The Belief of the Oneness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Non-denominational churches have the belief that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one. Their belief of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is stated when a Christian feels he or she is ready for baptism. Most non-denominational churches are evangelical, where some become involved in missions in other countries of the world teaching the Word of God.

Some criticism and negative aspects are that others who are not non-denominational feel that with no regard to strongly fundamentalist and/or evangelical churches, the label “non-denominational” is given for the purpose of being generical “Christian,” with the connotation that no “true Christian” has any business disagreeing with its teachings.

Non-denominational churches claim that no organization of any size is capable of being perfect, and that a large national or international body is likely to keep a doctrinal flaw as to steer to a smaller church away from one. By remaining independent, each church can rapidly adjust to perceived flaws.”

Churches are NOT Perfect

There is not going to be perfection in any church. All denominations believe in their own way, but as long as they are believers in God, believe in salvation and the Word of God, it makes them all one. Non-denominational have their belief solely in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They believe only of the teachings of God’s Word.

No label, just a Christian, is just a non-denominational church member that believes in God and would prefer to be a Christian. One body in Christian faith. It does not matter if you are Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, etc. What matters is what you yourself believe. It is a personal relationship with God and not a denomination or a non-denomination.


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