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The Law of Attraction Workshop by Abraham-Hicks

I attended an Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction workshop last weekend. Abraham-Hicks are the parents of the entire law of attraction movement in my opinion. All of the self-help new age books over this past decade can all trace their origins to the concepts presented by Abraham-Hicks for many years. You can read about their very unique story on their website. I would rather tell you about my experiences at the workshop.

Mind-blowing. Riveting. The workshop shattered my notions of the process of deliberately creating my life. I’ve read a lot of books on the law of attraction, watched some movies, etc. There is something about being in the presence of a powerful and intelligent soul too rare unfortunately that allows me to focus with deep intent so that the message is transmitted clearly into my brain and gives an understanding that reading from a book can’t do. I had a picture in my head after watching “The Secret” and using it with some success in Vegas. The Abraham-Hicks workshop was able to distill the process and revamp my approach to manifesting things in my life.

Getting the things you want in life boils down to a simple concept.

Like attracts like, you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Abraham-Hicks tells you the best way to get into the downstream flow of life is to always align with your source energy. “Source energy” is the feeling you get when you are experiencing something you love This could be watching the Red Sox destroy the Yankees, vanquishing yet another opponent at boggle, doing 3 am shots at Dublin’s, having sex, sleeping until noon and then ordering Pizano’s thin crust pepperoni and basil pizza – whatever it is that makes you feel joy.

During those times, you are connected to a higher state of being, everything is right with the world. This is alignment with your source energy to me.

The daily process to implement and validate that you are aligning with your source energy is “managing your gap”, a phrase that Abraham-Hicks repeatedly mentioned. The gap is the distance in your emotional state between the source energy of joy and whatever emotion you are feeling in the moment. Emotions are the emotional guidance system that tells you if you are thinking thoughts that align with source energy. If you are, you feel good. If you aren’t, there is a gap between how you are feeling and how you should be feeling, and the emotion that is causing you to feel less than optimal is your signal that you need to change your thinking. I find this distills all of the metaphysical books and messages down to a very simple case of using bad emotions to signal bad thoughts.

For me the law of attraction has now boiled down to a 6 point plan of action:

1. Feel joy through whatever thinking and activity mean necessary.
2. Get out in the world and experience a lot of life
3. Use life experiences to generate preferences for my life experience.
4. Think about those life experience preferences more and more the more emotion they generate, the stronger the vibration that gets attached to the thought and the sooner and easier it gets attracted to my life experience.
5. My emotions towards my thought preferences indicated how aligned with the source energy I am on this subject. This provides feedback on how close (or hopefully non-existent) my gap is between source energy and my emotions about the life experience I am intending.
6. Life is full of fun and joy.

Flowing downstream rather than fighting upstream was another metaphor used by Abraham-Hicks. Go towards things that flow towards you and make you feel good. When something is consistently difficult and triggers emotions you don’t want to feel, you are fighting upstream against the flow of life. This is not the most concrete factual concept, but everyone can recognize when life is coming easily to them, and things are going there way at work and home. Versus times when you wake up crabby, cut yourself shaving, spill coffee on your shirt, and get stuck in traffic that would be going upstream, my friend.

My attempts with the Law of Attraction are sometimes great, and sometimes frustrating.

The frustrating times go something like this: I focus on something for a few days. Seeds of that focus start appearing everywhere it could be job offers, fun trip ideas, cute ladies, business ideas. I start pursuing this thing(s). While sometimes they come to fruition, there are more times when halfway towards the goal they fizzle. Abraham-Hicks used the metaphor of driving a car from Phoenix to LA. You feel like you know the way, head west towards LA. Yet even though the car has been traveling smoothly (you have been consistently focused thinking about your goals with great emotion behind them), you suddenly start to doubt you know the way to LA (negative thoughts that you aren’t/can’t/won’t achieve the goal). So you turn around the car in Yuma and head back to Phoenix (consistent doubtful negative thoughts about achieving your goal). Then you start over from Phoenix, think about a goal and repeat the cycle all over again. The error in this, if I didn’t make it obvious in the parenthesis above, is that when you start to think about your goal in a way that produces a negative emotion inside of you, you don’t halt that thought right away. I am still a victim of this at times.

It is a BATTLE to monitor positive thoughts vs. negative thoughts. Fortunately, it becomes easier over time. I decided to write down what I am after and place it by my bed so that when I wake up I grab it first thing in the morning. I read the 6 points of action above and then move on to my own personal goal list. This may or may not work for other people. Whatever you decide to do about the law of attraction, realize it is always working either for or against you.

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