About the Idea of Wicca on other Worlds


Do you believe that there is life on other planets?

Can you possibly fathom the fact that we may not be the only living beings in this universe? How can you be sure, that Right now, Right at this very moment, there isn’t some form of life, on some other Worldly Planet, practicing, and maybe even vastly over succeeding our practices, in the one thing we Wiccans and Witches and Warlocks and Sorcerers alike covet so dear? Well, the thing is, we can’t be sure about it really. We have yet to discover a planet other than ours in the solar system around us, and beyond, that is able to host a form of life.

Can you actually give me factual evidence to prove me wrong?

But, do not think for one second that there is not a planet out there like that. Because the fact that we have not discovered a planet yet that is habitable, or hosts life does not make it true that one is not out there. Can you actually give me factual evidence to prove me wrong? I think not, but I am not trying to deny that the discovery of such a planet would not have a very powerful impact on life as we know it! What a discovery that would be! I know it would definitely be on the front page of every paper in the world for at least… A year!.. lol…

Magickal beings Outside Earth

But more to the point, how would it be if Magickal beings from another world migrated to earth, and we’re here to stay? How would it affect our environment, and the function of our daily lives. Would they transfer some of their powers to us, so we could make our world a better place? Which leads to the question of what would happen if they did? Would it have a negative effect on us? Would it cause us to turn against each other in greed for power, which would ultimately cause us to become extinct due to Killing off of our selves from Fighting Each other?

Answer those questions, and you truly know more than me. But I believe you will be hard put to do so, but good luck all the same. As for Wicca from another world, it is possible, a theory, of a Devout Wiccan, who has a more interesting taste in magick than most. But i encourage all learners of the Craft, do not be afraid to let your mind expand beyond the normal plane of thought, for it is that quality alone, that truly makes the Wiccan.

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