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I myself am agnostic. I’m not saying I don’t believe in God, I am just saying that I want pure solid proof before I go shouting out my religion. I do believe there is a higher being up there, and that there is a “bad” being down in hell, but I can’t say I believe in all of it. There are things in the bible that do anger me. Like how gay people are sinners and should go to hell. I believe that is wrong. I do know several gay people, some are family members of mine, they have done nothing wrong. One of them is even the daughter of a priest.

Okay I know I’m getting off-topic a little bit.

I can’t say I know that much about Atheism and all of that, but I can’t say I am one. Atheists believe there is NO God or anything. I do believe there is one, but I want to prove to really believe. Agnostics are people that do believe that there is a higher being up there but they need proof to truly believe in God.

Sorry, getting off-topic again. There are things in the bible that lead me… astray from Christianity. Like the gay part for example. People that don’t believe in heaven and God and Jesus go to hell because of their sinners. Can you honestly believe that? There would be tons of people that would just go straight down to hell. How wrong is that? Now I’m not gay, but I’m not a Christian. Does that mean I won’t go to heaven? Am I a “bad” person for being what I am? Also, didn’t god give us the free will to be what we want to be?

I have not gone to church in six years because I’m afraid of how I will be treated. Most people shut me out because I’m not “like them”. There are no two people that are the same. For the past three years, I’ve been treated like crap because of how I am. How is that fair? I don’t see a Christian man getting into fights just cause he’s Christian Ever since I realized that I wasn’t Christian and opened up about it I’ve been getting into fights and everything. I lost half of my friends because of my religion. Is that fair? I didn’t think so.

I know very few people who are “like me”.

The only one I can consider a friend. Do we deserve to be shut out of lives? No, we don’t. Do we deserve how people treat us? No, we don’t. But the worst part is, it happens and it will unless someone treats us like human beings. How are we different from Christians, Buddhists, or Jews? We aren’t. We are all people. Why should Agnostics be treated differently than all of those people? Personally I don’t think it’s fair. They get to treat us awfully but we can’t say anything or else we’ll be “sinners”. I only know a few Christians that are slightly nice to me. Am I different than them?

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