An example of a ‘spiritual dream’ that brought one person the urge to pray


After praying about my life, I had a dream concerning the man with whom I had an affair after my husband and I broke up. He knocked on the front door of my house, and when I opened the door to let him in, a grossly overweight lady squeezed in the door. He and I began to argue, and then another lady – pale, small and sickly – came in. Also, she was carrying a bundle that appeared to be a baby.

I was Upset and Asked him to Leave

I became highly upset and began asking him to leave. He would not, and the arguing escalated to the point that I began hitting him with some kind of stick. There was a man that appeared out of nowhere, and the best way I can describe him is “peaceful.” He never said a word, and he kept a neutral expression. He seemed to be trying to get my attention without speaking. His eyes were trying to communicate his silent message, but after several minutes of following me and the gentleman, he seemed to excuse himself as quietly as he had come when he could not get my attention.

At that time, I noticed the smaller lady, and I thought: This baby must be distraught at all the noise. I moved the cover away, and it was not a baby, but some sort of small creature that resembled a man. He had a face that was old, and his very appearance exuded evil.

The Argument we had

I turned my attention to the man I had been arguing with, and we began to argue again. Then I noticed that the lady was gone from her seat, and I thought she might be in my bedroom, but I found her in the kitchen, and she was doing the strangest thing: she had the refrigerator open, and she was looking for something, angrily. She was also destroying my fruit – all the healthy things.

Pure Darkness

I went back into the front room, and the man I had been dating was standing next to the front door as if he were in a trance, and beside him was a man with chains all over his clothes. He never spoke, but he was mean, he was strong, and although I made it clear I didn’t want him there, he was not leaving. He was also holding the door open and just beyond the door was pure darkness, and I could hear whispering and other noises like scurrying.

I then thought: This man is too strong. I then picked up the phone and began searching for my brothers to help me put everyone out.

Then I woke up and I began to cry uncontrollably. I cried out to the Lord because, although I didn’t fully understand the dream on a conscious level, my spirit grieved. I always know when I’ve had a spiritual dream because I remember it in vivid detail and it evokes very strong feelings that give way to an urge to pray.

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