Antisemitism in the US Today


Antisemitism, like any form of prejudice, is alive and ‘well’ in the USA. Being raised Jewish in the 60’s I encountered this disturbing phenomenon first hand. Things have progressed from the days I was called a ‘christ killer’ as a child, but not a whole lot. The language has just changed, but ignorance and injustice is still the same.

Several times this year, work acquaintances felt it was their duty to inform me about the ‘Jewish Conspiracy‘, that they are Certain is rampant in America. Not only did I have absolutely no idea what they were talking about, I was Amazed that educated people could not only believe in, but spread such insanity. I decided to find out what they were talking about and did a net search. I found millions, not thousands of articles regarding the supposed conspiracy.

Do Jews run this country?

It was frightening, especially when I began to fact check and saw that there is absolutely no truth to this theory. Do Jews run this country? Really? then why isn’t there more than about 2 people in the US government who are openly Jewish. Do Jews own all the money in this country? Really? Then why was I raised on the lowest rung of lower Middle Class?

I was astounded, and frankly freaked out. I could not believe in 2007-2008 that mass ignorance is so rampant.

It is frightening because Hitler started his campaign against the Jews in much the same way.

Why is it that we do not learn more from history?

Just as alarming is any form of unreasonable judgment based on race, religion or color. In this day and age, I am truly amazed and terrified, that we have not evolved past the most obvious small-mindedness. I am sad for us as a nation. I am proud to say that I did not raise my son to be prejudiced, narrow-minded or ignorant. I am happy to have sent at least one human being into adulthood, with remarkable judgment and the intelligence to open his mind to all people of the world.

When will it end and why does it even exist?

It is a true mystery. Jews are such a small percentage of this country. I will never understand how or why we are perceived as so threatening to others. The grace, acceptance and universal love that is supposed to be at the heart of any true religion can’t possibly embrace such ugliness. I can only hope that I will live long enough to see us evolve into a people who embraces everyone, and especially the wonderful differences we all have as individuals.

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