Assessing the Growing Popularity of Vedic Mathematics


Vedic Mathematics is the legacy of ancient Indian scholars and Mathematicians coalesced into a set of simple rules (Sutras) by a scholar and Saint named Tirthaji. It is very powerful in the sense that it offers a few concise formulae which can be applied to solve problems in almost any branch of Mathematics.

Now that people have realized the marvels of Vedic Mathematics in India and abroad, the students of this curriculum aged as low as 6 years seem to be cracking the harder Math and concepts much beyond their age, and stunning people with their speed and application skills.

Vedic Math is entirely based on 16 formulae and so easy to memorize because these formulae are encoded in short and simple words!

Vedic Math was the term used to describe the findings of an Indian scholar, saint and eminent philosopher Swami Tirthaji Maharaja who spent eight years in rigorous penance and deep meditation studying the Atharvanaveda, one of the Vedas. Vedas are the oldest forms of Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) compositions and are considered to be the basis of philosophies, religions and culture in India.

Let us go through a small example: If you would like to know how to calculate the square of 25, all you need to do it square 5(last digit) equals 25,and multiply 2 (first digit) with 3 (1 greater than 2) equals 6. That makes the answer 625. This provides a single step answer to a 4 step multiplication problem. This formula can be scaled finding squares to 325 and 4325 as well, all in 2 simple steps. Vedic Maths formulae can be extended to division, which is treated as continuous subtraction by this philosophy. It can also be applied to time series, fractions, differential equations, and other forms of complex and hard Math problems.

In a brief summary the founder of Vedic Math, Swami Tirthaji says,”This form of mathematics is Vedic and that it encompasses all aspects of mathematics “. Imagine if you could comprehend 16 formulae and get a wholesome essence of all branches of Mathematics! I have started my Vedic Math lessons already. Maybe you should give it a try too.


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