Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan


Ramadan is a time for fasting. It is the 9th month of the Muslim year, and it was during that month that Muhammed received his revelation of the Qur’an. Fasting is the 4th pillar and as such is an important duty for Muslims. during Ramadan Muslims remember that Muhammed received the Qur’an and they thank God for it. without Holy Scripture, we wouldn’t know very much about god at all. It is a great thing that He does for us.

Muhammad himself fasted according to the teachings (Hadith), so Muslims follow Muhammad’s example and also meet God’s expectations when they fast. it stops us thinking the most important things are food and water. the most important things are god’s love.

Any Muslim capable of fasting must do so

But life or health should not be endangered. It is hard not to eat all day and difficult. But the spiritual rewards are considerable and a Mulsim might hope to go to Paradise if they keep al the 5 pillars.

If you are a soldier you can’t fast because you might need to fight, but you could catch up later. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you shouldn’t fast either. It’s maybe dangerous. Children don’t do it until they are maybe 12 years old so their bodies are grown up enough to cope with it.

Give up Smoking, Relations, Food and Drink

To fast, Muslims must give up smoking and relations as well as food and drink. But when the sun goes down you can eat, drink again and do everything else. But it would become very difficult to do so after a month of keeping it up. But it is worth it if you want God to notice your devotion. It is good to live a life with discipline and be able to go without food for a day. It shows God you know that He is the most important thing.

Fasting in Other Religions other than Islam

Not only Muslims fast but other religions do as well. Jews fast on Yom Kippur, and Christians in Lent, though they give up luxuries rather than stop eating altogether. But all the religions want the same thing – to focus on God and not be drawn away by hunger pangs and earthly temptations. It wouldn’t be good at all. You would be much more patient after you fasted because you couldn’t just eat what you wanted all the time. That isn’t good for you. So fasting makes you patient too.

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