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The Future Of Atheism In America.

Over the past few hundred years, religion, which was first and foremost in people’s lives has become lessened for many reasons. Most of all science has provided a new perspective on information, that was believed to be spirits, and demons in darker periods of man’s history. This has led to many people leaving religion and seeking the truth of their own. As you look around in the twenty-first century, you can see the powerful influences of science everywhere you turn. While religion has begun to take on an opposite stance and even a very negative tone.

At the end of the twentieth century more, and more information came forward about religion. People began speaking out about abuse in the church. Children who had been victims of pedophile priests began to talk, and the world took more notice of the pedophilia going on inside of Muslim countries. Women from the Muslim world began to speak out, and run away from the horrendous abuse faced at the hands of religion as in the case of “Ayaan Hirsi Ali.” Suddenly the world was talking about religions tainted side.

Religion has a long history of abuse.

From witch-burnings to modern-day stoning. It seems where ever you look some scandal is linked back to one religion or another. During the twentieth century, we saw embezzlement scandals, such as “Jim Baker”. We watched in horror as more children came forward talking about their abuses. Not just the pedophilia, which is a horrible crime, but about beatings at the hands of cruel nuns. Even “Mother Teresa” has taken on a negative connotation. In the book by “Christopher Hitchens”, she is painted as anything but a saint. His book spells out the horrors many Indians have suffered at the negligent hands of her staff.

How medicine has been improperly used, syringes washed and reused. Beds lay filthy. These are just a few examples. The pope himself has even faced criticism, not only for his role in the Hitler Youth, but for his cover-up of the sexual abuse of many children under his unwatchful eye.

As the world faces tremendous crisis-es of poverty and starvation, Churches everywhere are trying to increase attendance. The pope and the Vatican are alone worth millions. Yet even seeing millions dying in Africa is not enough to move the pope to share the wealth. More people have fallen on hard times and their Faith is waining as they see new churches go up or expand. It seems that the church has no conscious for those who suffer immensely due in part to its greed and power.

In England, a number of people have become Atheists, more so than in the USA, but it might, in fact, be an indicator of where our future is going. Even famous author and biologist “Richard Dawkins” has called for the pope to be charged with crimes, due to his involvement in hiding evidence of pedophilia in the church. His anger and frustration went worldwide via media coverage, and thousands of people turned out to support him.

Here in America on September 11, 2001, we faced attacks on our buildings in New York, because of our western lifestyle. Muslim extremists flew planes into the twin towers, bringing them crashing to the ground, and killing 3000 harmless people inside. including rescue workers trying hard to save lives. This time the USA faced what extreme religion can do when it does not value life. The Muslims, who are not always violent, celebrated their hate for our culture that day. In Middle Eastern countries there were parties, and celebrations held in honor of the attacks.

The Muslim religion, while not always violent, is just as harmful to women like any other. Both Judea and Christian/ Muslim religions suppress women. While some religions tend to have more extreme measures dealing with them, some just place the burden of making babies and caretaking the home as norms for the religion. The Muslim religion though does so much more. It actually forces women to wear burquas, and cover their whole bodies. The women are not allowed to talk to strange men and are treated as property. More recently, with the Taliban taking control, more women have been shot or stoned.

It is horrible acts like this that have led many people, and women included to run from religion. in the last two years alone Atheism has been bolder than ever. With more books hitting the market, and billboards going up in crucial areas, calling out to hidden atheists everywhere. People are debating, and atheists groups are on the rise. It seems to be a growing trend. More and more people are losing the fear of what being an atheist means. While not everyone has gone as far as being an atheist, some have begun to question the existence of god.

Science has helped this along. With the mapping of DNA, the new medicines, and the hard work of forging forward using new medicines antibiotics and curing horrible diseases, people have begun to see that science works, where god seems to be lacking. The god question has been a huge debate for many, but science is clearly showing how easy it is to figure out the road from history to today. While religion holds on to the mid-evil practices of punishing people for what they call sins, to the continual degradation of women under its power.

The Symbol of Atheism – freedom, power, and happiness

All of this has brought us to a new vision. Atheist hoping that people will flee from the dogma of religion and find comfort in facts. The future is likely to be just what England has faced. people like the freedom of not feeling guilty for simple acts of humanity. They like being free to choose what clothes to wear, and how to live. Religion has become more of a burden on society. placing women in harm’s way for its own sake. While the freedom from it seems to be a safe harbor. It allows women to work, choose to have kids or not. it allows them the freedom of their bodies. Atheism is not a religion, but simple freedom from the mindset that there is an all governing body, who seems disinterested when you suffer, but very interested when you sin. Religion, after all, has come to symbolize the pain, and suffering of humanity, while Atheism has begun to symbolize freedom, power, and happiness with what is the reality of life.

Atheism is on the rise.

We can look at the data and statistics. The fact is atheism is on the rise. There is not just one factor, but many. people seem to be yearning for a life freed from dogma, superstition, and hate.

Mostly caused by religious indoctrination. They seek unity, which religion does not allow. They want the right to move toward the future without the shackles placed on them by the burden of religion. God has become a catalyst for human suffering, and people are moving more towards the need for an end to inhumanities. Atheism will play a vital role in the future of the world, pushing us forward, as religion tries to drag us back.

Atheists will eventually unite, not to destroy what was of religion, but to show the horrors that it brought. how we overcame the dogmas of our superstitious ancestors and rose to a level of integrity and humanity. It will be the leading factor in the plight of man to save the planet and his fellow man. There is a lot to be said of atheism that religion is not willing to say, but the most powerful factor it has, is how we can all unite under one umbrella, and finally be free to just be human beings.

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