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If you already consider yourself an agnostic then there is very little distance for you to go to becoming an atheist. As Christopher Hitchens stated, “You are already halfway out the door.” and the only logical step after that is to not believe in God.

What is an agnostic anyway?

The word was coined by T.H. Huxley at the founding of the Metaphysical Society because it was thought at the time that the origin of the universe wouldn’t be known. The term was probably used by people who didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, but, they didn’t want to be punished for believing such heretical things. It is someone who believes that the existence or nature of God cannot be proven.

If it can’t be proven to exist, or, the essential qualities of character can’t be proven, then what benefit is there to acknowledge a God that takes no interest in your welfare, doesn’t intercede in your life in moments of calamity, and didn’t have anything to do with creating the world that you live in?

At least if you admit that you are an atheist you are willing to make a stand for something. Agnosticism isn’t logical because it is only another word for an infidel. There is no God that cares for you or hears your prayers. How logical is it to think that there is a cold and distant God that looks upon the earth in the judgment of the things that God created in the first place? Perhaps the agnostic doesn’t care about the answer to that question. There has to be an effort to not want to commit to anything to claim to be an agnostic. You don’t want to believe in a benevolent God and you don’t want to look at the evidence to prove or disprove what your philosophy is.

Evolution is a fact.

The universe began at one point and is now expanding away from itself. This is a fact. The science is there to prove that there is no God. By choosing to favor agnosticism you are attempting to hedge your bets that there may be a benevolent dictator in the sky, or that there is some philosophical debate that doesn’t have a valid argument. In either case, it seems like a complete waste of time.

There should always be doubt about things in the universe that we haven’t verified through the scientific method. Doubt is a good thing to keep us grounded in reality. Make the full commitment and admit that if there can be no knowledge of God you shouldn’t say what is unknown will always be unknown and still profess the possibility of God’s existence.

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