Atheism in a Bizarre Universe


I have heard people deny atheism. I have read questions on it in exams questioning the existence of atheism. And this is all false. It has to exist somewhere as if people call themselves atheists then it must exist because we have living examples of it. This would not be so bad if it wasn’t for the ‘Secret Christian’ theory. As ridiculous as this might sound, people have said we are all Christian at heart, and that there is a voice deeper inside you in your subconscious that is the voice of God. But yet people have said their subconscious has told them to rape and murder people, and if that is the voice of God, then Christianity has been royally screwed.

Atheists do exist. as does proof of a dead/non-existent God.

Consider this. You are a Christian. And you believe in an omnipotent, omniscient God that created the world and the universe, but you do not believe such a person exists that disagrees with your theory? Where is the logic? Christians, especially Catholics, by nature, are self-centered, controlled by their beliefs, and anti-everything else. They refuse to believe that such a thing as an atheist may exist because they pose a threat to religion, so they try to convince you that God is ‘inside of you’.

I, by definition, am a Nietzschian atheist. That is I believe a God might have created the universe, but now he is dead. The phrase ‘God is Dead’ is taken from the book ‘Thus Spoke Zarathusthra’ and earlier, ‘The Gay Science’, and is shown as the parable of a ‘madman’. But I believe in those teachings; instead of madness, I see logic and intelligence showing through in the so-called ‘madman’.

I find Christians to be forceful, hypocritical, annoying, and destructive

They can also be very hateful, despite messages in the Bible proclaiming love to all, and that God loves everybody. That is the ‘bizarre’ message.

I find atheism to be logical, correct, and well thought through, with well-constructed reasoning to disprove the existence of a God. I personally think the Bible was written by a group of people who found they needed something to believe in, or maybe just fancied writing a book. It could well be as if we took the word of a popular book to be the complete truth, let’s say Lord of the Rings. If we held that this book was total truth people would think we were insane. But the Lord of the Rings has an author, JRR Tolkein. Maybe the Bible does too, and we just do not know the author(s). There are many theories that could be used to disprove Christianity, but how to prove the theories is the thing many atheists are looking for. It is probably not possible, as it is also probably not possible to disprove, which leaves atheists and religious believers in constant dispute, for perhaps eternity.

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