Atheism in Humanity


Most atheists aren’t even Atheist and some religious believers are. Is anybody any one thing? Everyone can and will be several things all at once.

Why are humans the only ones to seem to care about this stuff?

What is purer than innocence, and what is more innocent than ignorance? Animals may be atheists, but they don’t even care enough to adorn that title. But if they knew of titles and understood them, would they care just as much as we do?

If I had to guess at whether every human was an atheist, I’d say nyet. Some people believe in several things, let alone the fact that they believe in a god. Atheism for them would only mean an escape from what they’ve known all of their life, and that may be tempting for them to say or even truly think they believe there was no God, but they may never actually understand what they are saying or thinking.

Atheism exists, but it is only another religion in itself. To me, that’s like a typical white American who grew up in the suburbs with the question, “Is everyone Christian?” Some people never even learn to question what they’ve had hammered into there fragile human minds, so how could they act on it?

Atheism is more of a bandwagon than a way of life

Another reality is that a lot of people who grew up in one of the less popular religions are happy with their belief structure, so why would they disbelieve it? Atheism is more of a bandwagon than a way of life. Anyway, if everyone was an atheist, how would any good get done in the world? I know it may not seem like much to the average media watcher, but good things do happen, and if everyone were an atheist, I doubt very much there would be as much good as there is.

What I mean to say is, if people didn’t selfishly fear for their own soul, then what would be their motivation to do good? It appears that the majority of us only help when it benefits themselves in some way.

Not everyone understands the questions that Atheists may put forth anyway.

Some who do understand them may be able to reach an answer that works for them, regardless of whether it works for another person. Could God create a rock so heavy he couldn’t lift it? Yup. Just like you could create a puzzle you couldn’t solve. Or just like a Cherubim could walk in all four directions at the same exact time. Of course, it’s unfathomable to us, but who says that the human mind is capable of thinking on every level their is to think?

Personally, I am an agnostic. I don’t choose this title, it chooses me. The ever questioning sense of life allows you the opportunity to learn more than if someone thinks they already know the solution. It also cuts out so much of the element of surprise if what you thought was wrong. How can anyone know what is afterlife until you go there? You don’t know what is within a building until you walk inside, right? Someone could tell you that they have a Tv inside, but it may not be there when you go for yourself, correct? so now you feel foolish for believing in the Tv, and all you wanted to do was watch Gilligan.

Is everyone an atheist? Nah’sville daddio. There are too many people in the world to say that every one of us has something that large in common.

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