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The Pure Intent of Atheism

Atheism itself is just as dangerous as any other creed or ethos. The pure intent of atheism is inspiring in that it requires mankind to appreciate every life for what it is, the moment which is fleeting. Our time here short as it is; for many is just considered a stepping stone into the afterlife. Look at the suicide bombers, the woman who doused her own face with acid, these people use these experiences as a conduit to push a religious agenda. Whether through pity or fear or more commonly war or charity; religion is what keeps the majority of people on this earth going.

Christianity is wrong according to Atheists

If Atheists make bulleted lists on why “Christianity is wrong” or “Why religion ruins the world” then we become what we have tried so hard to avoid, Preachers. Atheism, above all else, should be the most tolerant of ways of life, just, moral, logical, and steeped in reason. I think in the not so distant future people will see Christianity and Islam like mainstream society sees the Amish now, outdated, a fringe element. This does not mean however that I do not love these people. Because I do not have a concept of a creator or a governing body, I am allowed to see why it may be so important for others and in that realization can hold no feelings but love for anyone that peacefully worships their God.

Interesting that upon denouncing faith so many make a concerted effort to break it down for others; even though advances from others about their own personal testimony is what drove many to abandon organized religion in the first place. The fact is that religion is not going away anytime soon but it has lost a lot of momentum. There are a growing number of people identifying themselves as nonreligious or atheist, and cooler heads are prevailing.

Religion has been used for centuries to fill the gap between the world and how humans understand it

The internet, business, immigration, outsourcing, all of these things have contributed to a broader spectrum of the world. It’s a beautiful thing, we need to understand that there are people who think differently from us and accept that and thankfully because we are part of a global community we can also accept that religion may be more of an aspect of culture than actual divine inspiration. When the Norsemen could not explain lightning there was Thor, When American Indians did not understand conception there was God’s fertility, the list goes on.

When we today do not understand how to govern our lives, we want an instruction book, just like every piece of furniture we get that needs to be put together. It is easier to live life by a strict code than in the gray area. You actually have to use reason and logic to be there and it is far more difficult than having a Yes/ No knee jerk response for any ethical question. Maybe the issue with religion is that it does not change whereas mankind does. Maybe the guidebook was relatively helpful 2,000 years ago but now it would seem that all religious texts require interpretation to stay pertinent.

My friend was asked recently if he thought he had it all figured out and if so what he would do with his life without the presence of God in it. I thought his response was brilliant, enough so that I will share it with you. “I will live without fear of the judgment of a savagely inhumane God who makes inadequate creations and then punishes them for being inadequate. I plan to live without the excuse of “well, it was all part of God’s plan,” and when I see something unjust I plan to do something about it. I plan to live without false hope in an afterlife or the self-righteousness that comes with believing that I know absolute truth and that others are absolutely evil for not sharing my belief. I plan to live with the humility of knowing my own insignificance in a vast universe, rather than the arrogance of believing myself to be the immortal center of creation. I plan to treat all life as precious, to always question my own certitude, and to constantly seek self-improvement. I plan to change my mind as new evidence is revealed. I am far from having it all figured out. It was giving up God that let me see that.”

Is it really that hard to fathom there is no wizard in the sky?


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