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As an atheist, I do believe that UFOs have been to earth and have patrolled our skies. I am a skeptic, but I believe logic plus evidence is a pretty good sign that UFOs have visited earth. By logic and evidence, I mean all the eye-witness reports plus the fact that, mathematically, life is abundant throughout the entire universe.

One thing which annoys me about my fellow atheists is that they are skeptical just for the sake of being skeptical. They will hear something and immediately shoot it down based on how absurd it might sound. The problem with this train of thought and mindset is that some of the most scientific discoveries and breakthroughs sounded completely absurd at first and they were proved to be true. How are we to ever advance as quickly as we’d like if we immediately shoot something down based on how ridiculous it initially sounds?

Arguments against UFOs

The argument I hear against UFOs having visited us is that the universe is huge and almost infinitely vast and the distances are too much and that we’re too insignificant etc. These are all legitimate points and perhaps these arguments are correct and I’m completely wrong in my belief. But, I will lay out my point of view.

First of all, physicists have worked out that it is theoretically possible to bend the fabric of space and travel through wormholes in order to bring you from one area of the universe to another in a small amount of time. The only reason we can’t yet do it is because of our lack of technology. If a species is tens of thousands, or perhaps millions, of years more advanced than we humans, chances are they have already have the technological capabilities to achieve such means of travel. And since they have achieved such technological brilliance, they must be using it. Not using these means of travel would be akin to us inventing the jet and then letting it sit there.

Secondly, if an advanced alien civilization with these technological capabilities resides in the Milky Way, chances are they have the entire galaxy mapped out and charted. Look at what our astronomers have discovered-what do you think their astronomers have accomplished? Do you honestly think a civilization this advanced wouldn’t have the means of studying, mapping and charting its own galaxy? Give me a break.

Lastly, do not even think of applying your human logic to what a civilization this ancient and this advanced might or might not do. Who says we’re too significant to study and visit? We can communicate, build flying vessels, grow organs, visit space, and have shown we are capable of making outstanding technological leaps in short amounts of time. Even if we were insignificant to the extraterrestrials, why wouldn’t they want to study us? We study the animal kingdom, do we not? We even study bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These life forms are vastly inferior to us, are they not? Or, maybe the aliens are visiting us out of morbid curiosity. Maybe for them visiting us is as simple as putting on a pair of hiking boots and going for a stroll through the woods. Why do humans partake in such activities? Because we enjoy them. Maybe they simply enjoy being mariners of the universe.

In the end, yes, I do believe we were visited by UFOs. I think at this point, it’s logical to assume that they have visited us instead of assuming that they haven’t.

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