Atheist Agnostic Debate – Agnosticism


Agnostics believe that a “higher power” exists, atheists believe in nothing. I believe that people that are atheists are actually agnostic. Most atheists, if you ask them, say that they want proof of a “higher power“. They want to know if there is something, someone out there controlling everything around them. They believe that all of this life and everything around them was created not just by mere coincidence. Some atheists are more scientifically based and believe in the evolution of ideas, Darwinism, etc. In that case, I do not if that falls into the “higher power” category.

Believing in Evolution

Although “believing in” evolution is believing in something that created this world, life, everything around us. The thing that started life as we know it. So I do not think that the people that fall into the Darwinism category can call themselves atheists. They believe in something, “they believe” being the keyword. Something came from something else.

Even if everyone believed in gods, goddesses, fairies, Buddha, Allah, God, etc. at least they have some knowledge of a higher power. They believe in a creator of some sort. Sometimes I feel that people try so hard sometimes to believe in something, just so their life has a purpose, whether they truly believe it or not, it gives them something to think about, something to look forward to, something or someone to look toward- and maybe that makes life a little happier for them. Although if you think hard enough and convince your self over and over you can really believe it after a while. So maybe the person who did not believe in anything and was raised Catholic, is only Catholic because they were implanted with all these ideas from birth and that is all they know? Or the atheist who tried so hard to be independent, different that they pushed away from the idea of a “higher power” and forced themself to believe that nothing was out there.

How can atheists not believe in anything?

How can they think that all of this large, complicated, complex life came to be from nothing, that it was just always here? Life is way too complex to come from nothing, someone or something had to have had it all mapped out, planned. Way too complex, I believe, for something to the conjure it up, someone had to have started it all. I think that if an atheist really thought about it, I think they would wonder where this all came from. The world itself is so indescribable, I think everyone has wondered where it all came from.


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