Atheists may not believe but should Understand and Respect



The main idea of this article isn’t to try to persuade you to become an atheist, rather explore the physiological aspect of religion and how it has lasted throughout history. We sometimes think to ourselves, “what if there was no God, what if when we died there was no heaven” We think about it and try to explain how we got here and how the earth was created but we find it so hard to grasp. There seems to be a missing ingredient. So as primitive, uneducated people, two thousand years ago, we decide that we must create ourselves that ingredient. A guardian and protector who if we convince enough people to believe in, will give them peace of mind and help them live pure and honest lives for the betterment of mankind. These ideas appeal to many adults so they start teaching their children from birth, and eventually these beliefs turn into the truth for people. This happens in accordance to philosopher John Locke’s theory of tabula rasa, or blank mind. Locke states that all people are born the same person, and it is through life experiences that we become different people. This is precisely why people believe in religion. After being around long enough Religion becomes less of a change of pace and more of just another part of our lives. This is how our society works. Every belief and idea has their beginning which in most cases is rough because we all are prejudice toward change. Then as the idea is around long enough people accept it more and more until it is simply a normal part of life. However, there will always be people against these ideas and no amount of time can change that.

Look at African Americans for example, or rather our accepting of them. At first, we found it hard to treat them equally after the civil rights act was passed due to the common belief that the African Americans were less of a person than whites were. Then a brave woman, Rebecca Crumpler, became the first black doctor. A talented woman, Ella Fitzgerald, became the first African American singer to win a Grammy. A brilliant man named Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. became the first black person to enter an astronaut training program. More and more black people did outstanding and trial blazing things and as time passed by, whites became more and more used to the idea of blacks being equal, and fast forward to today we can see that they greatly accepted.

So how does religion start and spread?

It starts as an attempt to explain what we cannot, and it spreads over time though the nurture of our young. Think of it this way, if you have a baby tomorrow and you tell him every day until he’s eighteen, that he must pray to the trees and if he forgets they will stop making air for us and he will suffocate. As he grows up this is what he will look at as the truth. And sure, people will tell him differently. They will all say his beliefs are ridiculous. However, since he was born he has believed the trees were god so even though people tell him differently he is still going to pray to the trees. Why would he do this? The same reason we pray to god, It gives us peace of mind. It always helps you sleep at night when you feel that some, all-powerful spirit is watching over and protecting you. Still is this peace of mind worth all the pain and suffering caused by religion?


Unfortunately, Religion has turned into a never-ending debate, a controversial, political contest that is the foundation of my atheist beliefs. War is religion. Two words that walk hand in hand through the battlefields of our planet, stepping over the dead bodies that fought for a “righteous” cause. And yes you can say they bring some amount of good, peace of mind, the sense of belonging, and the sense of pride and fighting for a cause are felt through both war and religion. But is it really worth it?

Here is a list of things wrong with Christianity which further proves that religion is but a creation of the mind: First, The Christian bible says “Thou shall not kill.” They must have forgotten that before they killed an estimated 600, 000 people in the religious crusades of the twelfth century. Today we have war in Ireland, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Why? Religion. Second, Gays and Lesbians are being refused marriages by the church. Give me one good reason why they shouldn’t be able to get married. Is it going to hurt anyone? No. Will, it cost the government a large sum of money and resources? No. Will, it hurt the atmosphere or environment in any way? No. Finally, the fact that slavery and Christianity ever coexisted is the most contradicting part of history. How a person could go to church and come home to whip and beat his slaves is beyond me.

These are but more examples of people being prejudice to something different and out of the ordinary. Religion is created with a specific group of people in mind, as sad as it is. When religions were first introduced, most of them had a similar “golden rule” so to speak saying something like “treat every person the way you want to be treated. Nowhere does it say treat everyone the way you want to be treated as long as the person is a heterosexual wealthy male who believes in exactly the same thing you do and if not throws him in a pit with lions and watch him get eaten.


Trying to convince a Catholic that his or her religion is a creation of their imagination is the most infuriating thing an atheist can do. They are some of the most stubborn people you will meet. Then again why would you want to?

If that individual’s personal religion brings them consolation during times of tragedy and loss, then why take would anyone want to take that away? Most atheists fail to realize that, although religion has had its problems over the years, it is mostly a positive aspect of our society. So basically, ignorance of the truth has helped people trust themselves and live in peace with what they cannot change.

People may find it hard to wrap their heads around the idea of life without a god. They may lose their sense of living honest lives due to the lack of direction. They would ask themselves what the point of living is without a destination. Is there no after life, no heaven? My theory is that we have a duty as human beings to take care of the earth but most importantly to further our species. We should try every day to make the earth a better place by the moment you fell asleep than it was the moment you woke up. Love your family. Hold your friends close. Give only love and take only love. The only ghosts we leave behind are our words and ideas. Make the world remember you, not from your face or your achievements, but from your love. Not for god, not for yourself, but for the people around you.

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