Athiesm not the way to go


I am an atheist. I’m proud of it…but not arrogant about it. I used to think that atheism was the next step in our evolution as a human race. The concept behind my little theory was that as science determined more and more the way the earth was created and the petty ways that believers tried to counter the arguments, we would eventually be forced to conclude that God just doesn’t exist. This theory, of course, is quite flawed and I’m not even sure if anyone else has ever shared this thought with me. The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought that I really hope this doesn’t happen. Let me explain.

First, some history. I was raised to believe whatever I wanted to believe. Actually, that’s not quite right. I wasn’t really raised that way either. Religion and God and all that jazz weren’t discussed with me when I was growing up. It didn’t exist to me until I learned about it through other mediums such as peers, television, etc. As I grew up and learned that I could go to hell, I became fearful of this God that I didn’t know much about. There wasn’t a Bible in my home and my main sources of information, i.e. my parents, weren’t very reliable. So I feared God until I was old enough to think it was all a bunch of crap. I was saved at the age of 19 and tried to be a good Christian, but I couldn’t shake the thought that it was still crap, so now I’m an atheist.

The moral compass

When people ask me why I’m an atheist I usually claim that it’s because I don’t need a “moral compass.” I don’t need God or anyone who speaks to him to tell me right from wrong. I can decide that for myself, thank you very much. This is very much true, but it’s also because I can’t.

My rationale won’t allow it. I tried, and sometimes I wish I could have faith in something bigger than myself and allow my many burdens to rest on the shoulders of God or Jesus. So here I am, just a plain old atheist.

But back to my theory. Like I mentioned before, I felt like atheism was inevitable with the progress of science. Now that I’ve thought about it more, I’ve decided that I don’t like that idea. I believe it’s the concept of God that more people should flock too, rather than run away from.

Things aren’t going so well

If you look at today’s world, it’s obvious things aren’t going so well. There is more crime, more violence, less morality. Now I realize that much of the violence is caused by religious extremists, but I’m talking more on a personal level. I’m talking about the looters and murderers during Katrina. I’m talking about the people who can’t decide right and wrong or the people who CAN decide right and wrong but choose the wrong. Imagine if they still had the fear of God in them. From what I can see, the masses can’t make sound moral decisions for themselves. What they need is fear that if they commit horrible crimes and make bad moral decisions, then there will be consequences beyond a slap on the wrist and prison. They need to know that they will go to hell, directly to hell and that they will not pass go or collect two hundred dollars.

Moral compass

I’m not saying that everyone believes in God or a God because they need new magnets in their “moral compass” or that people who believe can’t make their own decisions. All I am saying is that religion can be better than I had thought before.

Churches do wonderful things for communities and charities all in the name of God, and I would hate to see those wonderful things go away. Although I am an atheist, I would still support a well to do the church any day.

I guess this came off more like a rant or blog than an article, and I could probably go on and on in an unorganized fashion but I’ll conclude here. I would love to see how others respond.

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