Benefits of having your kids in church


It is a norm for a busy guardian or parent to wake up one Sunday and say “No, I’m not in a mood to go to church”. But this attitude, how does it affect the children? How does it tamper with the growth of the future generation? What tragedies are being triggered?

Imagine a cruel selfish child having an excuse of not knowing; of ignorance. That’s it: if you take children to church, they will be safe from the dark influence of ignorance; the one which has brought many to total failing and unappealing disgrace.

For those who want a pleasant love life for their young ones, be assured that church is the only place for finding a pure soul that is fine for a friend or partner.

There are also caring parents who though counsel their little ones don’t seem to get that what they say isn’t enough. If a child is taken to church, there is a high chance of him/her picking many forms of advice: one from the preaching, two from the brethren and the parents themselves.

The House of God

Much is to be reaped from traveling to the house of God, and because it is the house of God expect the invisible presence of the Almighty’s guidance and comfort. The church can lift off the burden of a sad child. It can give him a joyous feeling if, for example, he hears about the new Jerusalem. However, to do so, he shouldn’t be forced. He would get more furious at this. Calm him firstly then entice him to meet the loving brethren who would love to have such a member in their force.

If children endeavor to go to church after the influence of the parent, parents should expect to be as happy as God knowing that their children are spoken well of and are happy with a pleasant life.

Negatively, the vice versa of the above should leave parents expecting cold individuals. A child who has no compassion towards his playmates or friends. Someone who is always getting into trouble thinking of his reputation as a trouble maker will improve his popularity. Parents’ teaching isn’t enough. Spiritual guidance should backup such that a child can refrain from many evils. It would be a trauma if one wouldn’t be able to control such disrupted individuals.

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