The power in forgiveness


The power of forgiving is more persuasive than you or me.  The true willingness to set aside past hurts is an act of God.  In human faults, it is impossible to forgive.  The ability to pardon only comes from Jesus.  Man in his own mind does not have the desire to forgive. One’s natural instincts are to get even. Nowhere in one’s carnal mind does one want to forgive for anything.  Instead, one thinks of evil and devises ways to hold onto the power of not forgiving.  The pride that one holds to be so dear hinders one from enjoying the power that is found in forgiving.  Before one can be forgivable, one must first accept that gift. One needs two things to enjoy the wonderful and delightful power of forgiving.


One must accept the gift of grace and mercy God has given. One must realize that it cost God his son to forgive people for their sins.  When people humble themselves, they accept and appreciate how much they needed to be forgiven. All have sinned and come short of Gods’ glory.  Who is people’s midst can afford to live in a glass house?  None can without the power of forgiveness.

The power of forgiving

There is power in forgiving. There is a reward is for the ones that find it in their hearts to forgive.  Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but strength.  It takes a very strong person to admit when they have been wrong.  Rather than acknowledge the misdeeds they often make excuses. Often when the heart is burdened with guilt, one might buy lavish gifts to compensate. The power of forgiving is not natural; it’s supernatural.  True pardon is available only with the help of the Holy Spirit.

It is not easily derived even in the life of a Christian. Many Christians suffer from the act of forgiveness when they have been hurt. The struggle is one that just does not seem to offer a satisfactory outcome.

The source of such a pardon originated in the Garden of Eden

God who is flawless requires his followers to be also impeccable. This does not mean that humans have the strength to live an immaculate life.  The Father knows that.  God would provide a way for people to achieve that perfect life.  God planned a way for humanity to heal that is to be accomplished through the power of repentance and forgiveness.

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