Bible Study: James’ teaching on patience


As, Christians, we understand that God finds it in his heart to be patient and forgiving of mankind. Shouldn’t we as Christians try to follow his example?  Yet, it’s human nature to feel frustrated and impatient at times. The Bible instructs us in the book of James 1:1-4 to hold patience as a virtue. It states in James 1:4 , “but let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” The trials and adversities in life help to build a strong character and develop the virtue of patience in mankind.

Patience as Instructed in the Bible

This Bible study gives instructions on patience and what may be required to develop this virtue. So many times, people give up easily and lose faith. Haven’t you heard, “keep the faith and the faith will keep you”? Studying, these particular scriptures from the Bible will help you comprehend and conquer the vast aspects and complexities of life; even if the understanding or meaning comes to you slowly. Just allow your patience in the process to reveal the answers to you.

The disciplines of patience have to be learned.

Not only should you exercise patience with others. Patience should extend to ourselves as well. The principles of patients are often harder to comprehend during difficult times. There may come a time, when you have run out of patience with a loved one, a co-worker, your children or even how long it may be taking you to reach the desired goal. During these seemingly uncertain times, summoning up your patience to endure, whatever you have to go through, is a direct correlation of your faith.

This Bible scripture teaches the Christian to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials”. Because “the testing of your faith produces patience.” You may look at these trials and adversities that seem to plague you as an exercise in faith and building up that stamina that is required for patients.

Most assuredly, life is full of adversities and trials. Yet, instruction is given in these profound scriptures, so that you may prevail! So the next time, you feel as though you have come to the end of your rope, just hang on, because your patience will extend that rope even further than you can ever imagine.

The book of James 1:1-4

These scriptures found in the book of James 1:1-4 are an introduction to the concept that faith works in a trial. In essence, faith works even when you doubt its capacity to work. Isn’t it wonderful to know God is faithful and patient with us? Thankfully, God’s patience does not rely on our inpatient attitude and mankind’s need to hurry God along. It’s more than apparent that God knows what he is doing and what it takes to get mankind where he needs to be.

Patience doesn’t run out on you because faith holds tight to your patience. They both work hand and hand to help you prevail. When all else fails, remember, “no test, no testimony”! Everybody goes through something. The operative word is through.

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