Religion Weak Muslim War


Religion – A powerful word!

Is religion for the weak?

It depends on your perspective.

I am a very nonreligious person, I have never needed to seek religion or even understood what it is all about. Some people call me an Atheist.
I have gone through my life watching events unfold that are rooted in religion, mass suicides, mass murders, genocide, ethnic cleansing! All stemming in one way or another from religion, and for what?

The people that have died in mass suicides have all been involved in a religious “cult” of some kind, A cult promising many things – never needing -never wanting -all wrapped up in a shiny box and having every answer you could ever come up with !.

Why did these people fall into this kind of trap? they were all looking for answers that they could not come up with on their own! The lack of reasoning and confidence made them “weak” and like sheep, they followed the shepherd! Good examples are Jim Jones ( the kool-aid man ) David Koresch ( the Waco massacre ), there are many of them and all done in the name of Religion!

The Muslims, have been waging a holy war for 1400 plus years!

they prey on the weak to perpetuate their ultimate goal of world domination, It is going on right now ” the global war on terror ” is the result of their actions, they wish to impose Sharia law upon everyone they see, keeping hold by intimidation, and murder if you do not agree with them! The weak follow (like sheep ) because they are afraid to stand up for themselves(weak).

To be fair, the Catholic religion has waged a few wars in their time, how about those crusades! They still to this day try to Impose their will upon the people also, but they do it behind the scenes, through politics!

War after War can be traced back to some sort of Religious Ideology!

Be it that someone thinks they are better because their “God” is greater than yours, or their “God has told them to do so! either way, it all comes down to Religion!

If more people would practice the greatest philosophy ever “LIVE AND LET LIVE” then the world could be a better place! but seeing as how Religion is so deeply embedded and brainwashed into most people’s upbringing, this will never happen !because you all think you are better than Everyone else!
A vicious cycle that will never end, there will always be the weak, sheep type people willing to follow their “master” to the death! And there will always be those powers that only see that genocide and ethnic cleansing is the way to go!

Hitler talked a good line of crap to get to the point of genocide he was committing until the world Checkmated him! yes, he was an atheist, but his philosophy to his goal was deeply rooted in religion, as it is today with the radical Muslims swearing to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth! (ethnic cleansing).

Just take a good look at Iran, do a side by side comparison of them and the Nazis, and you will see the reality, It’s not a joke when a Religion wants to dominate the world, and when they want to kill you to do it!

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