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An important figure in a lifetime of the Islamic world Muhammad{peace be upon him]the messenger or prophet of God the Almighty. He was the chose one and was given the series of the revelations{the heavenly message]

Muhammad was born 570 years after Jesus Christ in Mecca Saudi Arabia. His father Abdulla and mother Amina proudly parented him. Abdulla passed away before he was born and his mother passed away when he was six years of age. Muhammad has then left an orphan and taken under the care of his grandfather Abdul Muthalib until he was eight years. His uncle Abu Talib bore the responsibility of the life of Muhammad when his grandfather passed away. Abu Talib was the leader of the Banu Hashim tribe {the clan in which Muhammad was born]

In his youth age, it was witnessed that two angels approached him, opened his chest, took out his heart, cleansed it and replaced it. The followers believed in angels. While still a boy Muhammad took care of the sheep and goats. He uses to accompany his uncle on business trips to a Syrian city Busra. This city was a great city of the Christian religion where monks and bishops resided. A monk named Bahira spoke to Muhammad and he identified him as GOD`S messenger discovering the seal of prophecy in between his shoulders. He urged Abu Talib to take good care of Muhammad.

As Muhammad grew older he acquired many names like Al Amin the trustworthy because of his honesty and hard work in his business transactions. Through his honesty, he impressed a wealthy widow named Khadija who was forty years of age. They married when he was twenty-five years.

Muhammad caves in the mountains

Muhammad spent most of his time in the caves in the mountains. He often meditated in the cave of Hira. He needed to search for answers to basic questions of life and why did the Meccans idol worship. One day in the cave an angel Jibraeel appeared and asked the prophet to read in the name of God who has created man out of a drop o blood.

Muhammad feared and out of that fear he read the divine command. He felt the angel imprint the words in his heart for him to remember. He was in a state of panic when he returned to his wife Khadija. She sought advice from her cousin Waraqa who was knowledgeable about religious matters and he was convinced that GOD speaking to Muhammad. The Al Quran was being revealed which gave birth to a new religion Islam.

Muhammad and his new mission

Khadija and a companion Abu Bakr was the pillar of strength in getting Muhammad to come into terms with his new mission. Muhammad was compelled to tell more people about the revelation and spreading the word of Islam IE the oneness of ALLAH {GOD}, PRAYER, FASTING.CHARITY, THE PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LANDS.

Muhammad had two-back sets in life IE the loss of his faithful wife Khadija and his uncle Abu Talib which left him heartbroken. Enemies never stopped to plot the murder of the prophet and he was convinced by Abu Bakr to leave the city of Mecca for Medina this was called hijra or migration. Muslims in Medina welcomed his stay and was interested to know about the new religion Islam. He convinced many people to follow his practice ie the hadith. In this time Muhammad often took refuge in GOD and brought down the divine commands to the people at the same time fought many wars against Islam. As soon as the wars were over he married a widow named Zaynab. She was his fourth wife and had lost her husband at the war of Badr.

The holy prophet leads by example and he was inspired by God, although he knew the attacking force attempted to kill him the plan was a disastrous failure. Before Muhammad was called to rest in 632 he delivered his last sermon to the people on the mountain of Arafaat. He returned to Medina and became ill. He was not able to read the prayer and on Monday the 8th of June 632 he passed away on the lap of his favorite wife Aisha. He lay buried in the house of Aisha where until today all Muslims around the world still visit his grave. The revelation ended at the death of the HOLY PROPHET {PBUH}and no other religion was introduced after ISLAM

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