The Universal Consciousness



Before you begin your day: Honor each sacred moment with a deep inhale, exhale and just let go. Begin to connect with the inner self and calm the mind.

Before we can walk, we must learn to crawl. Before we can climb a mountain, we must reach its foothills. Before we can save the world, we must heal the Self. Never be afraid of who you are. Forget about what is yet to come and relish within this moment.

We have become accustomed to a life-a society of unrealized individuals-to conform to ways of living just to fit in and be considered “normal.” But what is normal. Normality is relative to the one who is perceiving. By refusing to confirm we are then considered a minority, an outcast, a rebel. Yet, by refusing to confirm we are merely seeking the self within. We’re taking the road less traveled and going deep inside to search for the Ultimate Truth. As stated in the Bhagavad Gita, approaching the Ultimate Truth is by descending through the material world and discriminating what is real versus what is an illusion.

Do you believe in everything you hear, read, see or feel?

Our feelings are internal, thus we associate with them as our own experience. Yet, are they real? In the absence of light, there is darkness. But when we see light we forget about the darkness until darkness is all we can see. We must not forget that both are equal, both are present and both are necessary to create balance. Both are always present and at the same time one and the same, yet we cannot see that is true unless we seek inner truth.

When people say, “that’s reality,” they’re really saying, “that’s an illusion that we associate with as real because our senses trick us.” Maya, or cosmic illusion, is the way in that we associate with the material world or physical plane. This existence to which we live upon is a mere cosmic illusion driven by the senses. It’s an experience that we must endure. A learning process. A test. In fact, it’s a lesson that we chose long ago. We agreed upon entering into this “life” knowing of its consequences and our choices: Free Will. Every choice we make has a consequence and every consequence preludes Karma. Without getting into the Law of Karma and Karmic debts (that’s another article altogether), let’s focus on the moment…

We resemble our own creations.

Whatever we perceive is ultimately what we will believe, and in turn, what we will become.

The body is a mere manifestation of our own thoughts and beliefs, our perceptions and our nutritional intake. MANIFESTATIONS occur when the intention behind a thought becomes pure, and when the thought becomes whole, consistent and understood. We must truly believe in our thoughts in order to manifest positive changes. To “think” we are successful without believing it is not enough to initiate a shift; at least one that is pure in intention. One example is that someone could say to you, ‘Wow, you are so rich,’ because to them you may have more then they do, or their interpretation of ‘rich’ is different than yours. However, you do not buy into this concept and choose not to believe it, therefore it will fade and you may even not become as rich as you could (if you would have believed it). Another example is someone saying, ‘It looks like you gained weight,’ even if you didn’t. Maybe your clothes are baggy or you are just bloated… but if you believe what they’re saying you will ultimately become that. Whatever you perceive is what you will believe. And what you believe is what you will radiate out into the universe. What you radiate outward will be perceived by others. Therefore, everything is a mere reflection of your own beliefs! The next time you see something you don’t like, or that you love, contemplate on where it comes from-it is derived from within!

Thoughts are energy and vibrations.

Every thought has a frequency and these frequencies carry the universe and all its manifestations. It’s your choice to believe what you wish. So, take a moment and just breathe. Relish at the moment and know that everything is love.

At this moment, everything is Love.

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